A Kerala-based auto driver won a whopping Rs 25 crores in the Onam Lottery 2022, and had broken his son’s piggy bank to buy the lottery ticket. The incident was reported from Kerala’s Trivandrum and the results of the Onam Bumper 2022 lottery were announced earlier on Sunday.

For 32-year-old Anoop, his fate changed within a few days. First, he had applied for a loan for himself to leave the country and work as a chef in Malaysia. The loan got approved by his bank. To make matters even better, he received the results of the Onam Bumper 2022 Lottery, which had the highest prize of Rs 25 crores waiting for him. An ecstatic Anup called his bank and told them that he won’t be needing the loan anymore as he plans to stay in India.

While speaking to the media, Anoop said that he had been trying his luck with lotteries since the last 22 years. In the 22 years of buying lottery regularly, he got lucky a few times, and won a few hundreds to a maximum prize of Rs 5,000.

He will be taking home a sum of about Rs 15 crores after the tax deductions.

The Facts of the Matter

In September 2021, a Kochi-based auto-driver Jayapalan P R emerged as the winner of a state-run lottery and won Rs 12 crores. History repeated itself almost a year later when another auto-driver in Kerala won a lottery. This time, the Kerala auto-driver won the bumper cash prize of Rs 25 crores. The lucky winner had bought a ticket for the Onam Bumper 2022 Lottery whose results were declared on Sunday.

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Breaking Son’s Piggy Bank

As per a TOI report, Anoop bought the lucky ticket TJ750605 for the highest lottery prize money ever only a day before the results were declared. Shockingly enough, he was falling short of buying the Rs 500 ticket, and hence, broke his 2-year-old son’s piggy bank. Anoop is a resident of Sreevaraham and is married to Maya and has a son named Adwaith.

Getting Rs 3 Lakhs Loan Approved

Reportedly, Anoop was also planning to move to Malaysia to work as a chef there. For his upcoming journey, he had applied for a loan of Rs 3 lakhs with a bank. Only a day before the lottery results, he also received the news that his loan was approved. However, while speaking to media, Anoop claimed that he called the bank and informed them of not needing a loan anymore.

“They informed me yesterday that it has been approved. I have informed them now that I don’t want that loan,” he was quoted saying.

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Didn’t Like the Lottery Numbers, Bought Second Ticket

Fate truly works in mysterious ways, and it’s stories like Anoop that make strong case for destiny being in the center of it all. Anoop was perhaps destined to win the Rs 25 crores prize money, as he got a second lottery ticket.

In an interview, he mentioned that he didn’t like the numbers of the first ticket he bought, and hence, bought a second one. “I thought I would buy it directly from the agency this time, but this was not the first ticket I took. I was not happy with the series number of the first ticket I selected. The number 750605 felt like a fancy number for me,” he was quoted saying.

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What Onam Lottery Winner Plans on Doing with Rs 25 Cr

When asked what he plans to do with his winnings, Anoop gave an insight into his priorities. He first plans to clear off the debts he owed to people and build a new house for his family. Further, he plans on building a home for himself, and financially help out his relatives.

He also added that he plans to open his own eatery, and is dropping the idea of going to Malaysia to work as a chef.


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