In a horrific turn of events reported from Kerala, a young boy made wine watching YouTube videos and sent his friend to hospital who drank the home-made alcoholic beverage. The incident transpired at a government school in Thiruvananthapuram earlier on Friday.

Following the incident, the police registered a case against the 12-year-old minor who made the grape wine. The police also informed the young boy’s parents and the relevant authorities about the legal consequences the minor may face.

According to Press Trust of India, the 12-year-old boy, whose name has not been revealed, made grape wine on his own by watching YouTube videos. He then served the beverage to his friend. The friend’s stomach couldn’t handle the genius of the young boy’s “innovation”, and had a bout of vomiting.

The boy’s friend was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital in Chirayinkeezhu from where he was discharged later. His health was reported to be stable after his visit to the hospital. During the interrogation, the young boy claimed that he made the wine using grapes as shown in YouTube videos. However, he did not use any alcohol as an ingredient. He also went on to bury the bottle underground as shown in the video.

For now, the police are awaiting chemical examination reports of the samples of the wine which would tell them whether the boy used alcohol or not.

The Facts of the Matter

There is no dearth of DIY (do it yourself) videos on YouTube which range from how to prepare a nice cup of coffee at home – to how to create an explosive device using day-to-day objects around us. In the right hands, these videos are a boon, in the wrong ones, they are curse.

Recently, a 12-year-old boy in Kerala stirred up controversy after he made a wine by himself watching YouTube videos, and sent his friend to hospital, who drank the beverage.

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12-Yr-Old Makes Wine in School

The incident was reported from Thiruvananthapuram and the 12-year-old boy made the wine at a government school. According to Press Trust of India, the young boy made grape wine on his own thanks to YouTube videos, and served the same to his friend.

His friend couldn’t handle the beverage, and soon had a bout of vomiting and experienced uneasiness and nausea.

Boy Admits his Mischief During Interrogation

News agency PTI quoted an officer involved in the investigation of the incident. “During the interrogation, the boy admitted that he had made the wine using grapes bought by his parents. He said that he did not use spirit or any other alcohol as an ingredient,” the officer said.

“After preparing the wine, he filled it in a bottle and buried it underground as shown in the YouTube video,” he added, as quoted by PTI.

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Police Await Reports, Boy Maybe Booked

For now, the police are awaiting chemical examination reports of the wine samples that were sent to the concerned authorities. The police are trying to ascertain whether the young boy did use any alcohol or similar ingredient in wine or not.

If the police finds a similar ingredient, a case will be registered against the young boy under the Juvenile Justice Act. The police have also let the parents of the boy and the school authorities about the consequences the boy stands to face.

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MP Man Arrested for Making Alcohol From Sanitizers

It should be noted that there were similar incidents reported during the first wave of COVID-19 where people tried to make alcohol using sanitizers, and risked lives in process. As liquor shops were closed due to the nationwide lockdown, some people tried to make alcohol by themselves using sanitizers.

Indal Singh Rajput from Raisen district’s Boriya Jagir village made liquor out of sanitizer that had a whopping 72% alcohol.


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