In Kerala, a Debt-ridden man ended up winning Rs 1 crore lottery just before he was about to sell his house to pay off a Rs 50 lakh debt. The incident was reported from Manjeshwaram in Kerala’s Kasaragod and the lucky man in question has been identified as 50-year-old Mohammed, who works as a painter. Lady luck truly smiled Mohammed, who is also locally known as Bava, as he won the lottery just two hours before he was about to accept a token-advance for a newly built house.

A Manjeshwar native, Mohammed was in dire financial stress as he was under the grip of a suffocating debt of Rs 50 lakhs. He had borrowed the sum from his relatives, as well as a bank, for the marriage of his two daughters. Further he had also suffered losses in his real-estate business, and needed money to get over the losses.

Mohammed’s winnings are what we can truly call divine intervention, as he is not someone who regularly buys lottery tickets. Earlier on Sunday, he took a chance and bought a Fifty-Fifty lottery ticket that is run by the Kerala government.

Mohammed, who will receive Rs 63 lakhs after the tax deduction, told media that he will spend the winnings on the poor and needy.

The Facts of the Matter

Imagine a person selling his newly built home to pay off a huge debt, and somehow winning a lottery that would end all his financial distress.

While this may sound like something of a feel-good drama film, this is a real story of Mohammed aka Bava, who recently won Rs 1 crore in lottery, just hours before he was about to sell his home to pay off a Rs 50 lakh debt.

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Meet Luck’s Favourite Child Mohammed aka Bava

Mohammed aka Bava is a painting worker who resides in Kerala’s Manjeshwar. He was in deep financial strain to pay off a debt of Rs 50 lakhs that he borrowed from relatives and bank. Bava had borrowed the money to get back on his feet after suffering business losses, and also for the marriage of his two daughters.

Suffering with all the anxiety due to his financial burden, the 50-year-old Keralite decided to spin the wheel-of-fortune and bought Fifty-Fifty lottery tickets that are managed and run by the Kerala government.

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Fortune Favors the One Who Buys Lottery Ticket

On Sunday, Bava’s fortune changed and he found out he was the lucky winner who won a sum of Rs 1 crore. The winnings were all the more important for Bava, as he was about to receive the token advance for his house just two hours later.

Bava gave an account of the entire situation and was quoted by TOI saying, “The result of the lottery was announced by 3.30 pm on Sunday. Luckily, I got the prize. Earlier in the day, the buyers had informed us that they would come to give the token advance for my house by 5.30 pm.”

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Bought Ticket Out of Frustration

Father of five children, Bava told media that when the buyers of his new house came, they saw his house filled with people celebrating the lottery win and congratulated him. Interestingly enough, Bava is not a regular buyer of lottery tickets, and bought them out of sheer frustration and having no other way out.

He now stands to win Rs. 63 lakhs after the tax deduction. When asked about what he will be doing with his winnings, he said that he will spend the rest of the amount on poor and impoverished.


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