A seemingly innocent scooter ride landed a Kerala-based man in trouble, as his wife saw traffic camera pictures of him with another woman! The incident was reported from Idukki district in Kerala and occurred earlier on April 25, with the entire shocking incident being reported earlier this week.

Picture this: a man, full of daredevilry and accompanied by his woman friend, daringly zips through the city’s roads astride a helmet-less scooter. Little did he know that the all-seeing eyes of the controversial road safety cameras were watching his every move.

Now, here’s where things take a spicy turn. The scooter, as luck would have it, belonged to the man’s wife, according to its Registration Certificate. And as the traffic violation notification popped up on her mobile phone, curiosity sparked within her. “Who on earth is this mysterious woman clinging to my husband’s scooter?”

Of course, our intrepid husband, a humble employee of a textile shop, pleaded innocence. The wife was having none of it as she stormed off to the Karamana police station, armed with a complaint against her husband.

The 32-year-old husband in question was booked under multiple sections of IPC including IPC 321 (voluntarily causing hurt), 341 (wrongful restraint) and 294 (obscene acts) and Section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act (assault or neglect of child).

The Facts of the Matter

In a classic case of “what goes around, comes around,” a man in Kerala found himself in hot water after his two-wheeler ride with a female companion caught the attention of the authorities. While riding sans helmets is never a good idea, it seems that this particular traffic violation ended up causing more trouble than just a fine.

Our story takes place in Kerala, where a seemingly innocent scooter ride on April 25 turned into a whirlwind of chaos and accusations.

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Kerala Man Takes Joyride Without Helmet

Picture this: a man, employed at a textile shop, decides to take his woman friend for a spin around Thiruvananthapuram. Now, here’s where the trouble begins: neither of them bothered to don the all-important helmet.

As luck would have it, the state government had installed some fancy-pants road safety cameras, eagerly watching over the streets to curb incidents of wrongdoings and mishaps.

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Man Caught by CCTV Cams with Woman

Unbeknownst to the Textile shop owner and his female friend, these cameras captured their reckless escapade, resulting in a photographic evidence that would rock their world.

The Motor Vehicle Department wasted no time, diligently sending the violation details on May 5, complete with incriminating photos, to the registered owner of the scooter — who, in a stunning plot twist, happened to be the man’s wife.

Wife Confronts Husband, He Pleads Innocence

Once the wife received the message with the evidence of her husband’s helmet-less rendezvous, she wasted no time interrogating him. The husband claimed that he was innocent, and was merely a beneficiary of his charitable scooter-lifting service, or in simpler words, was giving a lift to the woman sitting pillion.

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Complaint Filed, Man Jailed

Things took a turn for the worse when the wife accused her husband of infidelity, and he allegedly resorted to violence. She promptly lodged a complaint with the Karamana police, who wasted no time in taking the man into custody on charges of voluntarily causing hurt, wrongful restraint, obscene acts, and neglect of a child.

The man was produced before a court, which remanded him in judicial custody, much to his dismay. And just like that, what started as a harmless scooter ride ended up with the man behind bars.


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