In an astonishing news, a Kerala man ordered passport cover and ended up receiving a random person’s passport inside the cover. We have all heard of people ordering phones and gadgets and receiving a soap bar inside the package, but a new benchmark in faulty deliveries was made recently. Midhun Babu had ordered a passport cover from e-commerce giant Amazon on October 30. However, to his astonishment he received the cover – along with the passport of one Muhammad Salih on November 1. To avoid any confusion, the buyer has been reported to already contacted the person whose passport he received.


To appease Indian consumers ahead of the festive season, e-commerce giants like Flipkart, Myntra and others decided to organize its massive month-long sale. A report of The Economic Times cited a leading logistics brand claiming that the sales would lead to e-commerce giants serving customers with about 9-10 million daily shipments.

To put it into perspective, that’s about 15 days leading to 150 million shipments delivered across the country. While end-to-end logistics companies work year around to meet demands of customers, such a huge surge can lead to some faulty deliveries.

Recently, several reports have emerged where customers were on the receiving end of such deliveries.

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The Facts of the Matter

When Mr. Midhun Babu from Kerala, Wayanad ordered a passport cover from Amazon, little did he know that he would be in for a surprise. Although he did receive the product that he chose, he also found an already issued passport of another person sitting comfortably inside the passport.

Passport Cover Expected – Passport Received

Reportedly, Mr. Babu placed an order for the passport cover on October 30 and received the same on November 1. As he opened the cover, he found out that a person called Muhammad Salih had his passport already sitting inside the cover.

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Customer Reaches out to Customer Care, Receives Apologies

As any person would do, Mr. Babu took to the customer care and placed a few calls. But to his further surprise, he was only told as to what he can do to return the product and was given apologies for the faulty delivery.

Midhun, being a good Samaritan, tried to find Muhammad Salih on his own. A TNM report adds that Midhun used the address of Muhammad that was printed on the passport to make the return. After returning the lost identification document, Midhun found out the cause of the mix-up.

Cause of the Goof-Up Revealed

Reportedly, Muhammad had ordered the same passport cover earlier from Amazon. However, he chose to return the same. Whilst making the return, Muhammed forgot to take out his own passport from the cover. Midhun alleged that Amazon failed to check the returned product and simply sent it back after repackaging.

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Kerala Man Orders iPhone, Gets Soap and 5 Rupee Coin

Earlier in October, another delivery gaffe of epic proportions was reported. A customer from Kerala named Noorul Ameen ordered an iPhone 12 from Amazon. However, to his bafflement, he ended up receiving a soap bar and a 5 rupees coin in the package.

After making the startling discovery, Ameen took to the cyber police and filed a complaint. During investigation, it was revealed that the product was first received by a Jharkhand citizen. The person from Jharkhand had reportedly been using the phone since accepting it.

Later, the seller admitted to the unfortunate goof-up and the Rs. 70,900 was reimbursed to Ameen.