In an astounding incident reported from Kerala, a man had to sit atop a huge tree with bated breath for over an hour to escape a herd of wild elephants. Viral video of the incident shows the man perched up on top of a tree as a herd of elephants wander around him. The incident was reported from Chinnakanal in Kerala’s Idukki district. The dazed and confused youth who took the desperate measures was identified as Saji.

According to reports, Saji was going on about his usual day when he found himself surrounded by a herd of wild elephants on his farm. Saji was further alarmed when he realized the elephants were approaching him. Not wanting to take a risk, Saji simply decided to make a run for it.

However, Saji soon realized how elephants are not easy to outrun (an elephant can walk with a speed of 40km/h in short sprints). This was when he spotted a Eucalyptus tree nearby and jumped to its top. To his shock, he realized that the elephants were not moving away from the place.

Saji then called out for help, which was heard by other locals. Soon, forest officers were rushed to the place, who after about 90 minutes, were able to drive the pachyderms away.

The Facts of the Matter

You’re going about your normal routine when you feel the earth shaking and sounds of trumpets. Your eyes spot a herd of wild elephants approaching you. The odds are completely against you, no matter how fast or strong you may think you are.

An average Asian elephant is approximately 11.5ft tall and weighs 6 tonnes. So let’s admit it, you against the wild tusker is stuff of nightmares. Recently, a youth in Kerala, Saji, lived this nightmare when he was surrounded by a herd of wild elephants.

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Normal Day Turns Upside Down for Kerala Youth

According to reports, Saji was working on his land in Chinnakanal village located in Idduki district, Kerala. His normal day turned upside down when he saw a herd of elephants making its way into his land. Further, he was alarmed by the fact that the pachyderms were heading straight towards him.

While Outrunning Elephants is Bad Idea

Like anyone would, Saji decided to waste no time and made a run for it. However, soon he was struck with another realization – he was never going to be able to outrun the elephants.

While they may appear huge and lazy, when in need, they can dash up to 45 km/h, way more than the fastest human Usain Bolt.

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Spotting a Tree, Climbing On Top

Improvising in no time, Saji spotted a long Eucalyptus nearby and started climbing it. Before long, he was perched on top of the tree. For a while, Saji simply played the waiting game, hoping that the elephants would wander away.

However, things went bad to worse when Saji realized that the elephants were unmoved from their spots. Soon, he started screaming for help, which the locals heard. The locals tried analyzing the situation, and decided to call forest officers for the “rescue”.

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90 Minutes Later

For the next ninety minutes, Saji was perched up on the tree-top with bated breath while forest officers tried to remove the herd of elephants. In the end, the officers somehow managed to drive away the pachyderms away by bursting crackers and other means.

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