In the wake of rising number of dog-attacks in India, another vicious dog attack was reported from Kerala where a stray attacked a boy on bicycle. Incidentally, it is being reported that the same stray dog had attacked three children earlier on the same day. The incident was reported from Arakkinaru town in Kerala’s Kozhikode district and occurred earlier on September 11.

According to reports, the 12-year-old was caught on CCTV getting attacked by the vicious stray. The video of the incident has since gone viral, raising concerns about the rising dog attacks in the nation. In the video gone viral, 12-year-old Nooras can be seen riding a bicycle when a black coloured stray dog pounces on him and starts biting him on the hand. Despite his repeated attempts to get free of the dog’s jaw, Nooras fails and continues getting bitten. With the dog still not letting go of his hand, Nooras tries to get inside his home, and manages to get free.

It should be noted that in Kerala several such incidents have emerged in the recent past. Earlier on September 5, a 12-year-old girl in Kerala passed away after being bitten by a stray. Reportedly, 21 people in Kerala have died of rabies only in this year so far.

The Facts of the Matter

Amid an increase in the number of injuries due to bites by pet and stray dogs across the nation, another case of dog bite was recently reported from Kerala. In Kerala, a 12-year-old boy, identified as Nooras, was viciously attacked by a stray dog and received injuries because of the same. The incident occurred on September 11 and occurred in Kozhikode’s Arakkinaru.

The incident was caught on cam, harrowing visuals of which are going viral.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video shows the class 7 boy riding a bicycle with some other children as a stray dog comes out of nowhere and pounces on him. Nooras is knocked to the ground and the dog bites him on the leg. Nooras’ attempt to free himself from the jaws of the vicious stray proved futile. The black-coloured dog then bit Nooras on his hand. Nooras tries to get away, but the stray doesn’t let go.

Watch the Video here:

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Boy Gives Account of Incident

According to reports, Nooras was rushed to the Kozhikode Government Medical College Hospital on the same day and was discharged on Saturday. He suffered bite injuries on the leg, hand, and has marks on his face and chest as well.

In a TOI report, Nooras gave an account of the events. “My friend had a small sister who had followed us to the road behind me and I asked them to go back to the house. When I got up, the dog bit my hand again and dragged me,” he was quoted saying.

Locals Beat Dog to Death

It should be noted that the dog who attacked Nooras, was also responsible for attacking four others. The dog attacked three children and a man on the same day of the incident. A 40-year-old man also sustained bite injuries as he tried to save the three children.

As per a TOI report, the dog was later beaten to death by the enraged locals.

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Seven-Person Team Formed

Amid the rising incident of injuries and deaths due to animal bites (rabies), the Kerala Health and Family Welfare Department has formed a seven-person team to investigate the matter. “In view of the reports of the increase in the number of dog-bite-related human deaths (rabies), both among vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals in the state, the government has decided to constitute an Expert Committee to enquire and submit report on the cause of deaths due to dog bites,” the statement by Kerala Health Department read, as quoted by a TNM report.


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