In Kerala, a woman who climbed a tower to kill self-ended up disturbing a wasp nest, getting stung and was forced to climb down the high tower back to safety. The incident was reported from Kayamkulam region in Alappuzha where the woman climbed a tall BSNL mobile tower in a bid to kill herself.

Visuals of the incident captured by TV news channels showed the woman climbing the mobile tower, only to disturb a wasp nest. She eventually retreated after getting stung and eventually jumped into the rescue net that was held at the mobile tower’s base by the fire department personnel.

Local reports have quoted an officer involved in the matter claiming that the woman was rushed to the hospital after the incident and has been kept under observation. Her health condition was reported to be stable.

According to reports, the woman in question and her child had come to her sister’s home in Tirur following a domestic quarrel with husband. Later, the man took away their child with him after beating her. She then came to her friend’s home in Kayamkulam and decided to end her life.

The Facts of the Matter

Our elders have often opined that a person only dies, when they are destined to. When their breaths, that are supposedly numbered, come to an end. There has been a colloquial Hindi phrase as well which reads – “Jaako rakhe saiyaan, maar sake na koy”, which can be roughly translated to, the one who’s protected by almighty, can be harmed by none.

Recently, a woman in Kerala embodied the above-mentioned notion after her plan of killing herself was foiled by none other than a wasp. The incident was reported from Kayamkulam, a town in Alappuzha, Kerala and occurred earlier on Monday.

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Woman Climbs Tower, Asks To be Reunited with Child

On Monday, a woman in Kayamkulam climbed a BSNL mobile tower, threatening to end her life by jumping off the tower if she is not reunited by her baby, who she alleged, was taken away by her husband.

Locals quickly alerted the police who also brought fire department personnel at the spot. Personnel from both the departments tried to talk the woman out of her idea of taking her life. They tried engaging her in conversation and tried to alleviate the situation.

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Efforts of Talking to Woman Goes in Vain

However, the efforts by both the departments went in vain and the woman continued climbing up, with frightening focus and aim. This was when destiny, fate, and nature conspired together and foiled the woman’s idea of taking her own life.

As she was climbing the tower, she somehow managed to disturb a nest of wasps and as one would expect, the wasps swarmed around the woman. Assuming that the woman was a threat to its nest, an entire hoard of wasps surrounded her and started stinging her.

Woman Panic-Struck and In-Pain, Climbs Down the Tower

The panic-struck woman, who was now also in dire discomfort and pain, quickly decided to chuck her initial plan away and climbed down the tower. According to reports, the woman was screaming with pain and discomfort, and ultimately jumped the final few feet into the net that was set up at the base of the tower.

The woman was quickly rushed to a hospital and was kept under observation. A native of Tamil Nadu, the woman is reported to be in stable condition.

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Husband had Taken Away Their Child from Woman

According to reports, the woman had come to her sister’s house in Tirur located in Malappuram district, Kerala following domestic quarrel with her husband. Her husband had followed her to Tirur and he had taken her child away from her after beating her up. From Tirur, the women came to a friend’s home in Charumoodu near Kayamkulam. On Monday, she came to the BSNL office and tried to take her own life, only to be saved by nature.


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