A Kerala woman, who was being haunted by strange occurrences and explosions at her home, discovered that the culprit was a 14-year-old boy, not a paranormal entity. From electric devices switching on its own, to cables getting burnt, to a television set exploding, 32-year-old Sajitha, was on the verge of losing her sanity and grip on the real world.

Thanks to cyber cell’s prompt work though, she realized that a 14-year-old boy was behind the concerning mischief. When the boy was asked as to why he did what he did, he said what any teen would, he just ‘felt like it’.

In her interview to The New Indian Express, 32-year-old Sajitha said that she had been receiving messages on WhatsApp regarding things that were to happen in her house. This included messages saying that lights would go off at a specific time, water in the tank would overflow, a television set would explode, and more.

Later, when the 14-year-old boy was taken into questioning, it was revealed that the boy learnt little tricks to harass the family by YouTube. The search history included how to hack phones, unlock phones, damage appliances, and more.

Moreover, to implicate his 32-year-old aunt’s husband, the boy had placed a bluetooth dongle in their home.

The Facts of the Matter

For young constructive minds, internet can be a Godsent through which youths can learn about various things and their application. However, in the hands of a mischievous person, the same technology can be misused to raise havoc in a person’s life.

32-year-old Sajitha from Kerala’s Kottarakkara had been living such a life. Things had got to a point for her that she was afraid her life being a massive simulation like place. Later, it was revealed that a 14-year-old boy, and his misuse of technology, was causing the troubles in Sajitha’s life.

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Sujitha Got Premonitory Texts

As per the cops, the woman had returned from a Gulf nation, and used to get premonitory messages on WhatsApp from her mother’s number. The messages included TV going to explode at a certain time, or wiring in home going to be burned in a while. Sure enough, the same things used to happen at the same time.

Phone Would Switch Off/On, Lights Turned On/Off By Itself

Not just that, the phone would start malfunctioning by itself. It would randomly switch on and off on its own. Further abusive messages would be sent from the phone to relatives and close friends. She also used to receive messages that the fan in her room would stop or start, or lights would fade, or water in the overhead tank would spillover.

All the messages, and the activities mentioned in the texts, were being executed by a 14-year-old relative of Sujitha’s. The boy would send the texts, and would switch off and on the devices from the main power box.

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14-Year-Old Responsible, Said He “Felt like It”

After the police received a complaint regarding the matter, they zeroed down the 14-year-old minor accused. During questioning, they asked why the minor did what he did. What followed was an answer, most 14-year-olds would give. The minor simply said he just “felt like it”.

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Shocking Search History

When the cops asked how the boy got the idea of the harassment, he said that it was YouTube from where he learnt all his tricks.

”The search history of the phone revealed that the teenager was looking for information and videos on how to hack phones, damage appliances, unlock phones, abusive and inappropriate content and much more,” the officer, a News18 report quote an officer involved in the investigation.


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