A Kerala-based woman, who is in process of transitioning into becoming a man, is expecting a newborn with her trans partner. The unique story of the Kerala-based trans couple has come to the surface after pictures from their pregnancy photoshoot became a sensation on all over social media.

The couple in question has been identified as Zahad (23) and Ziya Paval (21). Zahad is a transman who got pregnant, the first such case in India, while Ziya is a transwoman. Two years ago, 23-year-old Zahad and partner Ziya, started their gender transition. However, earlier in 2022, the transitioning process was put on halt by Zahad, as he wanted to become a mother and get pregnant.

Zahad is currently eight months pregnant, and also planning to go forth with the gender transition process, and turn into a man, after the delivery process concludes safely. Journeys of trans people are any way turbulent, with the society in larger shunning them. Ziya and Zahad also faced similar ostracization.

“Most transgender couples are boycotted by society as well as their families. We wanted a baby, so that we leave behind something of ourselves even after our days in this world are numbered,” Ziya said, as quoted by Indian Express.

The couple got support from doctors of the Government Medical College, Kozhikode, and after the delivery of the baby, they plan to continue Zahad’s transitioning process.

The Facts of the Matter

Trans couples are a beautiful representation of love and acceptance, breaking down societal norms and stereotypes. They are a testament to the fact that love knows no gender and that all forms of love and relationships should be celebrated and respected.

A Kerala-based trans couple is going on a historic path of giving birth to a newborn in the coming month. The couple in question is Zahad, a trans man, and Ziya, a trans woman. Zahad, born in a woman’s body, has been undergoing gender transition process. However, the couple halted the process so that they could bring forth a new life in the world, and have a family together.

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The Couple’s Decision to Get Pregnant

An Indian Express report quoted Ziya in its report saying – “When we started to live together three years ago, we thought our lives should be different from other transgenders. Most transgender couples are boycotted by society as well as their families. We wanted a baby, so that we leave behind something of ourselves even after our days in this world are numbered.”

Zahad’s Journey will Continue

After the couple welcomes their newborn, Zahad’s journey of becoming at trans man will continue. Ziya too is in the process of becoming a transwoman, and is receiving hormone therapy. A year after the delivery, Zahad will resume the gender transition treatment to become a trans man.

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Zahad, The First Indian Trans Man to Become Pregnant

Zayad is an accountant by profession and is thrilled and excited to welcome their newborn. The now 23-year-old trans is part of all the buzz, as being the first transgender male in India to become pregnant. Since Zayad’s breasts are surgically removed, they are planning to feed the baby from the breast milk bank at a medical college.

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Couple Shares Wedding Photoshoot Pictures

Ziya, born a man and transitioning into a woman, shared the couple’s pregnancy photoshoot pictures on social media, and has received adulation and good wishes from netizens.

“Though I was not a woman by birth or by my body, I had the feminine dream inside me to hear a baby calling me ‘mother’…It has been three years since we have been together. Like my desire to become a mother, he (Zahad) desires to become a father. Today, an eight-month-old life is moving in his belly with his full consent,” the caption read.


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