The Kerala HC slammed a woman police officer for harassing a minor and stated that the incident was “khaki ego & arrogance”. Taking cognizance of a video that had gone viral in which a pink cop remained undeterred by the tears of the minor girl. The officer had also allegedly stolen the minor girl’s phone, a move that the High Court labelled “pure ego and arrogance of khaki”.  The court was hearing the plea filed by the girl who wanted a stern action taken against the cop who infringed her fundamental right. The court further noted that the officer, being a woman, should’ve been moved by the crying of the minor and should’ve consoled her. The incident dates back to August 27 when the minor girl wanted to watch the movement of cargo that was taken to the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center in Thumba.


According to a report titled ‘Status of Policing in India Report, 2019”, 3 out of 4 police officers approve of violence towards criminal being justified. What’s more alarming is that 4 out of every 5 police personnel were found agreeing that it’s justified to use violence to extract confessions. In the same report for the year of 2018, only 15% of Indians were found disagreeing to the usage of violence by the police. The numbers don’t paint a favourable picture when it comes to custodial deaths as well. According to India’s Human Rights Commission, since the beginning of 2019, 194 persons died in custody. The problem can be directly attributed to the population in India where 158 police officers are present for as many as 1,00,000 persons. Due to lack of resources, torture is often considered the quickest way to handle a situation.

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The Facts of the Matter

The Kerala High Court gave a remarkable judgement, and shed a light to the problem of police brutality one more time. On Tuesday, the Kerala HC was hearing the plea of an 8-year-old girl who was seeking Rs. 50 lakhs as compensation for the harassment she faced by a lady officer.

What Was the Case All About?

Reportedly, 8-year-old kid had gone to watch a space cargo being moved ot the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center. There, a lady police officer alleged that the parent and child duo had stolen her smartphone. The entire ordeal was caught on cam where the minor girl was harassed and frisk against her wishes. In the end the girl broke down and was in tears. The video had gone viral and caused massive outrage. Kerala HC’s Justice Devan Ramachandran’s watched the entire video of the incident. The judge noted that the lady officer was not moved by the tears of the girl and further blocked the father-daughter duo.

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“She Should’ve Apologized. This is Khaki Ego & Arrogance”: Kerala HC

Taking cognizance of the matter, Justice Ramachandran said, “It could have been handled in a better manner. She (officer) should have bent down and apologised to the child and bought her a chocolate and things would have been over there and then. Instead, she justified her actions. It is not lack of wisdom, it is pure ego and arrogance. Khaki ego and arrogance.”

No Statements from Father or Daughter Taken, Girl in Distress

The Kerala HC also observed that the minor girl had been undergoing severe mental distress as a consequence of the harassment she faced. The court further slammed the Kerala police and highlighted how no statements from either the father or the daughter had been taken since.

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Court Issues Transfer Order Against Lady Cop

The court directed that a report of what psychological treatment the girl is being given be presented to it under seal. It further issued a transfer order to the lady officer. “In civilised parts of the world, children are told to go to the police when they have a problem. Will this child ever go to the police? The lady officer did not stop even after the child started crying. Why did her heart not melt? She was all about — phone, phone, phone. In a western nation, she would have been facing a lawsuit for millions,” the court further noted, as quoted by NDTV.