In a massive twist of fate, a Kochi auto driver won Rs 12 crores in Kerala Lottery. But the winnings came amid massive confusion as to who the real winner was. Reportedly, a cook who hails from Wayand came to the public claiming that he was the true winner.

However, the discrepancy was soon sorted out and the auto driver, Mr. Jayapalan P R emerged as the true winner of the lottery. The lottery in question is the state government approved Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery.

This is the second massive news that is coming from Kochi this week. Earlier on Monday, a Kochi man was reported to be in a legal battle with a company. Reportedly, the man owns Rs. 1,448 crores worth of shares that the company is denying.


Most Indians know the classic phrase- ‘Dene Wala Jab Bhi Deta, Deta ChapparPhaadKe’. The phrase, popularized after an Anu Malik song means ‘When you are rewarded by the almighty, you are rewarded big’.

Every individual walks around with some hope that they will be bump into a random reward that will change their life for good. While most of us aren’t as lucky, a Kochi man emerged as the epitome of the notion. These are the facts of the matter.

The Facts of the Matter

58-year-old Jayapalan P R was buried in debts. Working as an auto driver. In Kochi, little did Jayapalan know that his life was going to change when he bought a lottery ticket.

Reportedly, Mr. Jayapalan has emerged as the first prize winner of the Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery. His winnings? Just about Rs. 12 crores, enough to transform life for good. Even when one deducts the state and the centre imposed taxes on lottery winnings, Mr. Jayapalan will be taking home a hefty sum of Rs. 7.4 crores.

Ticket that Costed Rs. 300 Won the Kochi Man Rs. 12 Crs

A resident of Maradu, Kochi, he was bombared by interviews from the local media. In his interactions with the media, he claimed that he had gotten the ticket from an agaency called the Meenakshi Lucky Centre. Claiming that the agency had brought similar fortunes to a lot of people, Mr. Jayapalan took the leap of faith and bought the ticket. The ticket costed him Rs. 300.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Jayapalan has been on the receiving end of such twists of fate. In the past as well, he had won Rs. 5,000 from the same agency.

Chose the Ticket Number that Looked the ‘Fanciest’

Lottery buying is a lot like casino, where once if you win big, you would want to keep coming back. So did Mr. Jayapalan. For the mega prize lottery, he chose a number that appeared the fanciest to him and paid the Rs. 300 price.

On Sunday, he stared at his television screen keenly and in high hopes. He couldn’t contain himself as by the end, the lottery number flashing on the screen for the bumper prize, matched the numbers in his lottery ticket.

The Final Moments

After giving his son the good news, and warning him to not spread the information to his other friends or family members, Mr. Jayapalan slept with excitement and the next day he verified the numbers in the newspaper.

Soon he gave an interview where he said that he will be paying off his debts with the winnings. He also claimed that he will be settling multiple civil cases also.

Wayanad Cook Adds to the Confusion

Meanwhile, there was also confusion regarding the winner of the lottery. Reportedly, a Wayanad based cook called Sayed Alavi had come forward as a winner. Reportedly, Alavi’s friend who had bought the ticket for him, sent him a picture of the ticket that won the lottery. However, when he confronted the friend, he said that he was playing a joke on Alavi.