A Kolkata couple is getting married during the third wave of the pandemic with Google Meet as the venue for the guests and Zomato as the caterer for the wedding. In recent news, a couple in Kolkata is all set to host almost 450 guests amidst the pandemic without flunking the rules.

The couple, Sandipan Sarkar and Aditi Das who met online, are hosting the first digital wedding of its kind where guests are going to attend the wedding through Google Meet links. But more importantly, the couple haven’t forgotten about the “Food”. The guests will be receiving their wedding platters through Zomato.

This is a new addition to the list of unique digital weddings in India. Recently a couple from Chennai, hosted a Hogwarts style wedding on Metaverse.

Sarkar and Das are all set to tie the knot on January 24th this year in West Bengal’s Burdwan district.

The Idea Behind this Unique Wedding

The West Bengal government put a restriction on the number of guests allowed in a wedding after the third wave of COVID-19 hit the country. However, the cap on invitees was later relaxed from 50 to 200.

The couple, Sandipan Sarkar and Aditi Das wanted to prioritise their and their family’s health first and avoid large gatherings. Moreover, Mr. Sarkar himself had battled the virus for four days in the hospital. Hence, the planning for a digital wedding began.

“I was worried about the safety of my family and the safety of my guests,” Mr Sarkar told NDTV. “After being hospitalized with Covid-19 myself from January 2 to January 4, I decided to think of a solution to avoid large gatherings,” he said.

As per the groom, the couple would’ve been married last year if it was not for the pandemic.

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The Wedding Plan

Only 100 to 120 people will attend the wedding physically while approximately 300 people will attend it online through Google Meet from the comfort of their own houses. Two links will be shared with the invitees over WhatsApp along with passwords, a day prior to the wedding as the platform can only accommodate 250 people in a meeting at a time.

The most important part of an Indian wedding, that is the ‘food’, will be delivered to the guests through Zomato.

Zomato official applauded the attempt to celebrate a safe wedding and responded, “It was a very new idea for us. I talked to seniors in the company, who welcomed it. We have already prepared a team to monitor this wedding’s deliveries. We laud such a move in the pandemic. We are planning to promote this event officially,”

Gifts from the guests are welcome through Flipkart, Amazon or Google Pay.

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Responses from the Bride and the Families

“Sandipan suggested this and we thought people would laugh but decided that we should be the first to set the trend. Our families were informed, who initially wondered why we should do this.” said Aditi Das. “At first my mother and father were questioning me but then when they saw people were appreciating this, they accepted this. Now we are getting calls from everywhere congratulating us,” the bride-to-be added.

It is because of the digital mode, that guests from all across the state and from Bangalore will be able to participate in the wedding.


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