A professor in Kolkata was allegedly “forced” to quit after some students were found looking at her bikini pictures on Instagram. According to reports, the former assistant professor at St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata received flak by parents, after some students were found looking at her pictures that she had shared on Instagram.

As per reports, the university received complaint from the first-year male undergraduate student’s parents earlier in 2021. However, the university has denied the allegations, and has claimed that the professor chose to resign on her own accord.

The letter had the parent alleging that he found his son looking at the pictures of his university professor in bikini. The pictures were “objectionable”, “vulgar”, and “bordered on nudity”, the complaint read. The complaint was allegedly filed by BK Mukherjee, and the purported picture of the same has been making rounds of social media.

Reportedly, the professor in question was called for a meeting, where she was shown the complaint letter. The letter also carried the thumbnails of the alleged pictures from her private Instagram account. According to a News18 report, the professor was forced to quit due as she “besmirched the reputation of the university”.

The Facts of the Matter

A former assistant professor at the St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata, has alleged that she was forced into quitting her job, after a parent saw his son looking at pictures of the professor in bikini on Instagram. According to reports, the professor has been asked to pay a sum of Rs. 99 crores in damages to the university, for “causing immense and irreparable damage”.

According to reports, the professor, who is also an alumnus of the prestigious university, was pressurized into resigning in 2021. Allegedly, a complaint was filed against the professor by the parents of one of the undergraduate students.

“Obscene & Vulgar”: Letter by Parent

“Recently, I was appalled to find my son looking at some pictures of Prof. where she had posed in a sexually explicit way, causing deliberate public exposure. To look at a teacher dressed in her undergarments uploading pictures on social media is utterly shameful for me as a parent, since I have tried to shield my son from this kind of gross indecency and objectification of the female body,” the letter, as quoted by media reports, read.

“It is obscene, vulgar and improper for an 18-year-old student to see his professor dressed in scanty clothes exhibiting her body on a public platform,” the letter further read.

Picture was Story from Private Instagram Account

Speaking to an India Today report, the professor said how the said picture was a story and not a post on her private Instagram profile. She further added that the story was shared on June 13, 2021, before the university gave her an offer.

According to reports, on October 24, a day before her resignation, she filed a police complaint, claiming that her Instagram account may have been hacked. However, the complaint was never registered into an FIR.

University Seeks Rs 99 Crores in Damages

For further investigation, when the professor asked the copy of the parent’s complaint from the university, she received a shocking reply.  The university’s advocate responded by claiming that the professor’s attempts were “desperate” and “dishonest” attempt to open a closed chapter.

Regarding the same, the university also sought an “unconditional apology” and a compensation of Rs. 99 crores in damages.


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