Kriti Verma, the GST officer turned model and actor, was recently questioned by the ED in the Rs 264 crore money laundering case. A GST inspector prior to having multiple modeling and reality-show stints, she was questioned by ED for a case where an income tax official allegedly siphoned Rs 264 crores by using the credentials of the seniors in the department.

According to reports, Bhushan Patil, who was in a relationship with Kriti, is the primary accused in the case. Reportedly, a significant chunk of the money that was siphoned off was channeled through Bhuhsan’s account – which was then used to buy properties. It should be noted that some of the properties bought with the siphoned money was in Kriti Verma’s name.

Meanwhile, Kriti has denied allegations of the proceeds if IT TDS refund money being diverted in her account. She claimed that Bhushan Patil, with whom she got in a relationship with, had transferred Rs 1 crore in her account as a dance performance payment.

Claiming that she is a ‘responsible citizen’, Kriti said that she got in a relationship with the key accused at the end of 2020, and she separated within six months after she learnt about the fraud. Along with Patil, it is being reported that the fraud has been orchestrated by Tanaji Mandal Adhikari, another IT-official.

The Facts of the Matter

In a strange turn-of-events, a GST officer turned Bigg Boss contestant has been questioned by the Enforcement Directorate. Kriti Verma, who is a model and a reality-show contestant, having appeared on Roadies and Bigg Boss Season 12 before, was questioned in a Rs 264 crore money laundering case. The key accused in the matter has been identified as one Tanaji Mandal Adhikari, an IT-inspector, and businessman Bhushan Patil, Kriti Verma’s ex-boyfriend.

According to reports, the case pertains to the whopping sum of Rs 264 crores being siphoned off by an IT-official using the credentials of a senior official in the department.

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Who is Kriti Verma?

A model in her late 20s, Kriti was born and raised in Delhi. Before her career in the television industry and modeling, Kriti was a GST inspector who worked for the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs. Other than appearing in Bigg Boss, Roadies XTreme, she also appeared in several shows including “Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na”.

What is the Rs 264 Crore Fraud?

According to reports, the case pertains to wrongful siphoning of tax refunds. The case came to the fore after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed a case against senior tax inspector Tanaji Adhikari, and a Panvel based businessman Bhushan Anant Patil, among others. In response to the case filed by CBI, the ED launched its probe in the matter.

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Kriti was in Relationship with Key Accused

According to reports, key accused Bhushan Patil, was in a relationship with Kriti Verma, a former GST inspector. According to reports, a significant sum of the illegal funds was channeled through Bhushan’s account, and were used to buy properties. These properties were bought in Kriti’s name.

As per an India Today report, the property in Gurugram was later sold and the funds were transferred to her Kriti’s account. The sale funds of Rs 1.18 crores were discovered in Kriti’s account, following which her account was frozen and she was questioned.

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Kriti Verma Denies Allegations

Meanwhile, Kriti has denied the allegations, and said that Bhushan transferred Rs 1 crore in her account as the payment for a dance performance. She claimed that the amount was transferred before they got in a relationship. Kriti has also claimed that she broke off within six months after she learnt about the fraud being committed.


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