In a head-scratching development reported from Kutch, roofs, doors and windows of over 400 homes were stolen overnight. The properties are that of people who lost their homes in the devastating 2001 Gujarat earthquakes. After finding out that their roofs and doors were stolen overnight, the locals took to the police and an investigation was launched.

According to an Aaj Tak report, the incident was reported from Bhachau district’s Vondh village in Kutch. After the 2001 earthquakes, which claimed the lives of thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands of Gujarat citizens, the Maharashtra government had done a relief project in Bhachau.

In Bhachau district, the Maharashtra government built a colony named after Sardal Patel at a cost of Rs 40 crores. The houses in the colony were given to those who lost their homes due to the tragic calamity.

Fast forward two decades later, and most of these houses were vacant as locals had moved to other cities in search for jobs and other opportunities. Some thieves decided to target the ghost-town and stole doors, windows & roofs of 400 small homes.

After the overnight robbery, some locals residing in the village took to the police and registered a complaint. The police have registered an FIR and investigation has begun.

The 2001 Bhuj Earthquakes

On January 26th, as the entire nation came together to celebrate its 52nd Republic Day, the state of Gujarat felt tremors unlike ever before. At about 8.40 am, a 9 km deep epicenter of the 2001 Bhuj quake shook and tremored. Over the course of next few hours, over 13,000 people were killed and over a lakh people were injured. Further, close to 3,40,000 buildings were destroyed.

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Maharashtra Govt’s ‘Sardar Patel’ Colony

Many countries offered relief to the nation and governments of other states too chipped in. Amongst those was Maharashtra government’s effort of making a colony named after Sardar Patel. The colony was built in Bhachau district in Kutch and were given to those who lost their homes in the earthquakes.

Come 2022, and some thieves reportedly stole doors, windows and roofs of over 400 houses in the colony. The news was recently reported by Aaj Tak.

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Houses Given to Earthquake Victims

According to the Aaj Tak report, the Maharashtra government built a colony in Vondh village at a cost of Rs 40 crores. As many as 800 houses were built in this colony, and were donated to the victims who lost their houses in the 2001 earthquake.

As years progressed, many locals in the colony started moving out to other places for jobs and other opportunities. Close to 400 homes remained vacant for a long time, and had gotten dilapidated.

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Robbers Target Houses in Ruins, Steal Roofs, Doors, Windows

Some robbers targeted the houses in ruins, and stole all the windows, doors and roofs overnight. They also caused massive damage to other houses.

The incident was enraging and surprising to locals. Even the panchayat ghar was not spared by the thieves. Speaking to Aaj Tak, village sarpanch Ramji Bhai Chaudhary said that the police have registered an FIR in the matter, and an investigation will take place.


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