Yet another shocking incident where a lady constable, a member of police force, was sexually harassed and assaulted inside a moving bus in Delhi. This incident, which has come to light, happened at the national capital, where a 29-year-old female constable of the Delhi Police, who was attached to the Police Control Room (PCR) unit, was allegedly touched improperly and was also attacked inside a moving city bus.

What exactly happen, the entire incident:

According to the reports, the woman constable boarded a cluster bus to report for her duty on Wednesday afternoon. An unknown accused also boarded the city bus and stood right behind her. Eventually he started misbehaving, started touching the female constable inappropriately.  When she confronted him and told him that she would file a complaint against him, he allegedly assaulted her in front of everyone with a helmet and escaped.

The tragic incident once again exposed the recondite side of Delhi where no one, not a single person came forward for her help. Not even another female. This is how the conditions are in our national capital, where such a heinous incident happened in broad daylight, amongst several people, who in fact were present at the moment and could see what was happening, and that too with a Police force member.

According to the Times of India report, where the Police made a statement on the incident wherein, they said, the man started touching the female constable on her shoulder and back. Initially, she ignored and tried to get away but he continued to harass her and touch her inappropriately. After some time, she objected to it. She yelled at him and threatened to file a complaint against him. The accused then battled with the constable and hit her head with his helmet.

The Police have registered a case against the accused on the pretext of what happened.

A case of assault and sexual harassment has been registered against the accused under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code.  He has yet not been arrested. Though the Police are looking into the case sincerely. An official informed that the constable was treated at Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital.

Another incident like such:

In another incident, a TV actress has filed a complaint with the Mumbai Police, stating that a person raped her multiple times on the pretext of marriage.  Based on her complaint, the police registered a case against the accused and launched an investigation.

Shiksha’s Take:

What is happening in our society? Every day we wake up to at least one news which is either about rape, or dowery, or blackmailing, or suicide, or honour killing, and so on… Basically, the news does indeed revolve around women/female/girl but definitely not in a good or positive way. We Indians belong to a heritage where our ancestors and our history for that matter always respected women, the female. She was always kept above all. She was worshiped. Never have we ever thought of such disgust happening in our surroundings with women.

It’s high time that we look around and take steps to change what is happening otherwise we will lose them, because we have already failed them, time and again.