In a hair-raising incident of what could be called ‘Lavool Monkey Massacre’, angered over a baby monkey’s killing, monkeys have killed over 250 puppies. The incident was reported from Beed district in Maharashtra. The tribe of enraged monkeys went on to throw dogs from the top of buildings and trees. It should be noted that the cause of the rampage is still conflicted. While some reports are claiming that some dogs killed a baby monkey, other are claiming that puppies went on to do the same. Whatever the reason may be, the death of baby monkey evoked a brutal response from the tribe of monkeys.


Monkeys hold a strange reputation in the human world. While these primates are not seen as threatening, and are often laughed upon, their aggressive side is gravely underrated. According to several studies, monkeys when threatened or enraged, can go on an unrelenting rampage. Videos of monkeys exhibiting their violent side are littered on social media, and give a glimpse as to why one must respect them and treat them accordingly.

Recently, an incident from Maharashtra shows the implications of angering monkeys.

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The Facts of the Matter

The residents of a village in Beed district are living in constant panic. No, it’s not because of COVID-19 or some other disease outbreak. It’s also not because of a natural calamity. The reason is far simpler, and at the same time, hair-raising. Villagers are troubled by the menace of monkeys on a vengeance.

250 Puppies Killed by Vengeful Monkeys

According to reports, the tribe of monkeys have created a havoc in the village, killing hundreds of puppies in the village and further attacking the children and adults too. The monkey has gone on a rampage after a baby money was killed by dogs in the village. The village in question is Majalgaon. Since the past month, over 250 puppies have been killed by vengeful monkeys.

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What Triggered This Massacre

The carnage began when dogs in the village killed a baby monkey that must’ve belonged to the tribe of monkeys that are currently thirsty for revenge. After the killing, the monkeys started throwing the monkeys off the top of trees and building.

Not a Single Monkey Caught So Far

According to News18, the village with population of just about 5,000 is panic stricken after hundreds of pups in the past month were killed. After being pushed to the edge, the village residents took to the Forest Department officials. The forest officials took to the village to catch the monkeys, however, haven’t been able to catch a single monkey so far.

After their apparent failure, the villagers took it upon themselves to catch the monkeys and stop the menace. However, the people realized that the monkeys were not backing off as they started attacking them. The News18 report claims that so far several men have fallen from roofs and trees and have injured themselves.

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Monkeys Not Stopping with Revenge, Attacking Small Kids

The villagers have claimed that not a single puppy is left in the village and dogs have also started abandoning the village. While one would assume that this would be the end of the whole blood-laden massacre, the monkeys are in no mood to stop. Villagers have claimed that now small kids in the village are being attacked by the monkeys.