Yes, 2020 was a bummer with a long lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic that forced us to stay home for the most part. 2021 promises to clean the mess 2020 has made by rewarding us all with 15 long weekends scattered all around the 12 months.

A long weekend is like an elixir of a professional’s work-life that replenishes them and keeps the balance between work-life and personal life intact. Although you might see the consequences of the COVID pandemic in 2021 as well when it comes to traveling, you can just chill around at your home on your bean bag chair binging your favorite show during those long weekends. 

Without further ado, let’s strap in and take a peek into the bounty of holidays 2021 is going to give us all. We hope your managers are kind to approve your leaves for your grand plans during those long weekends, and if you’re a freelancer, we hope your client releases your payment before them. 

Here’s the list of all the long weekends in 2021(you’re welcome :P)



January 1 – Friday (New Year’s Day) 

January 2 – Saturday 

January 3 – Sunday

January 16 – Saturday 

January 17 – Sunday 

*Taking an off on Thursday(13th of Jan) or Monday (18th of Jan) will grant you 4 days off. 

January 23 – Saturday 

January 24 – Sunday 

January 26 – Tuesday (Republic Day)

*Taking an off on Monday(25th January) will grant you 4 days of off.



February 13 – Saturday 

February 14 – Sunday 

February 16 – Tuesday (Vasant Panchami)

*Take the Monday off on the 15th of February and you’ll have 4 days off. 



March 11 – Thursday (Maha Shivratri) 

March 13 – Saturday 

March 14 – Sunday

*If you want 4 days off, you can take the Friday off on the 12th of March. 

March 27 – Saturday 

March 28 – Sunday 

March 29 – Monday (Holi)



April 2 – Friday (Good Friday)

April 3- Saturday 

April 4 – Sunday



May 13 – Thursday (Eid ul-Fitr)

May 15 – Saturday 

May 16 – Sunday

*You can take a break in the middle of the month of may by taking Friday off on the 14th of May and take 4 days off for yourself.



Sigh.. You’ll have to hustle and grind in June. No long weekends for this month folks!



July 10 – Saturday 

July 11 – Sunday 

July 12 – Monday (Rath Yatra)

July 17 – Saturday 

July 18 – Sunday

July 20 – Tuesday (Bakra Eid)

*Enjoy 4 days off by taking an off on Monday, June 19th.



August 28 – Saturday 

August 29 – Sunday 

August 30 – Monday (Janmashtami)



September 10 – Friday (Ganesh Chaturthi)

September 11 – Saturday 

September 12 – Sunday



October 15 – Friday (Dussehra)

October 16 – Saturday 

October 17 – Sunday



November 19 – Friday (Guru Nanak Jayanti)

November 20 – Saturday 

November 21 – Sunday



December 24 – Friday 

December 25 – Saturday (Christmas)

December 26 – Sunday