In a horrific incident reported from Lucknow, a customer allegedly spat on the face, beat up and spewed casteist slurs on a Zomato delivery agent when the agent came to the customer’s house to deliver the food. The victim alleged that after hearing his name, the customer called him an “untouchable” and refused to accept order brought by him.

As of now, FIR has been filed against the accused under relevant sections of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. The victim in the matter was identified as Vineet Kumar.

Earlier on Saturday evening, Kumar claimed that he went to deliver the food at the location of the accused customer. The victim alleged that the customer asked his name and caste. On getting to know that he belonged to a Scheduled Caste, the accused hurled casteist slurs on the victim. The accused told the victim that he won’t accept order from the hands of an “untouchable”.

Kumar alleged that the accused also asked him to cancel the order and told him that he won’t pay. Further, the accused also called 10-12 persons. The accused spat on the victim and thrashed him brutally. The accused also took the victim’s motorcycle.

After calling the police, the accused was able to get his motorcycle back.

The Facts of the Matter

It is 2022 – a day and age where people are more connected than ever before. A year where a world of wisdom is just a few clicks away from a person. A time when people of all gender, castes, and ethnicities are progressing and making the world a better place.

However, it is 2022 – and despite various stringent laws that are put in place to prevent atrocities against people deemed to be backward, there are people flouting any sense of humanity and reason.

Recently, a horrifying incident of caste-based assault emerged from Lucknow where a food delivery agent was brutally assaulted over his caste.

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Customer Called Zomato Delivery Agent ‘Untouchable’

According to reports, the victim, Vineet Kumar, was allegedly thrashed by customer after the customer got to know his caste. The customer further spat on Kumar, and called him “untouchable”. Kumar has been working with food delivery giant Zomato for around four years.

On Saturday, Vineet was out to complete a delivery and went to deliver an order at Sector H in Lucknow’s Ashiyana. The customer came out of his house and asked Vineet his name and caste. On getting to know that Vineet belonged to a Scheduled Caste, the accused allegedly claimed that he won’t be accepting order from the hands of an “untouchable”.

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Accused Spat on Victim’s Face

The accused asked Vineet to cancel the order. The accused also called 10-12 persons, following which he was brutally thrashed. The accused also took away the victim’s motorcycle. Later the accused called the police control room and a police team helped him get his motorcycle back. In his FIR, the victim alleged that the accused spat on him and spewed casteist slurs.

Case Registered, No Arrests So Far

According to the ACP, East Zone, Qasim Abidi, an FIR has been filed and a case has been registered under the provisions of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, Prevention of Atrocities Act, and other relevant sections of IPC. The police chief also claimed that the police are checking the CCTV footage to trace the accused.

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2 Nihang Sikhs Stab Zomato Delivery Agent Over Smoking

Earlier last week, one Nihang Sikh was arrested for murdering a Zomato food delivery agent in Delhi. The victim, Sagar Singh, was allegedly murdered by two Nihang Sikhs who objected to Singh smoking and later murdered him using kirpaan. The 29-year-old victim was found lying in the pool of his blood about 15-20 minutes after the stabbing, following which he was rushed to the hospital.


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