In what can truly be called a ‘lucky break’, a man reportedly found Rs. 1.2 crores cash in the kitchen cupboards he bought off eBay. The lucky man has been identified as Thomas Heller. Hailing from Germany, Mr. Heller reportedly bought the second-hand kitchen cupboards from an elderly couple’s estate. The cupboards were listed on popular online buying platform eBay. Like most of us, Mr. Heller also went on to get the cupboards for £203, £50 less than the listed price.

On opening one of the cupboards, Mr. Heller discovered tens of thousands of euros kept inside two secret boxes. A single envelope was open and numerous €100 bills were tempting him to stash them in his pockets.

However, honesty ultimately prevailed as Mr. Heller alerted the police about his astonishing discovery. The police in its initial probe discovered several such envelopes with much larger bills stuffed inside them.

After investigation, it was revealed that the money belonged to a 91-year-old woman who was spending his days in a retirement home following her husband’s passing. Meanwhile, Mr. Heller’s honesty helped him to get 3% finder’s fee (Rs. 3.61 lakhs).

The Facts of the Matter

We have often read the phrase – “One man’s trash is another’s treasure”. A German man epitomized the notion recently after he discovered a mind-numbing Rs.1.2 crores cash in the kitchen cupboards he bought off eBay. The lucky gentleman was identified as Mr. Thomas Heller from Germany. What’s more? He also paid a fraction of the amount listed on eBay for the second-hand cupboards.

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Bought the Cupboard for Even Cheaper Price

According to reports, 50-year-old Thomas Heller from Germany bought the kitchen cupboards from a sale on eBay. The cupboards originally belonged to an elderly couple who had moved to care home. Mr. Heller paid £203 for the shelves, which was £50 less than the listed amount.

Earlier in April, while investigating his recent purchase, Mr. Heller was dumfounded to discover to boxes of cash stashed in a secret box. Little did the lucky man know that his discovery amounts to almost £130,000 (Rs. 1.3 crores) in cash, likely to be never accounted for.

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Man Discovers Numerous €100 Bills

While trying to check the secret boxes, Mr. Heller was mocked and tempted by an envelope which had numerous €100 bills, waiting for him to stuff them in his pocket. However, truth and honesty prevailed as Mr. Heller alerted the police about his shocking discovery.

In a Metro report, Mr. Heller was quoted saying, “They opened the second, locked cupboard in front of my eyes. There were larger bills in the envelopes. Two hundred, five hundred.” Meanwhile, the police took the entire case to the district court and initiated a probe into finding the kitchen’s original owner.

Real Owner Found

The investigation led police to a 91-year-old elderly woman who owned the property and had been moved to a retirement home following her husband’s death. The elderly woman’s grandson had sold Mr. Heller the kitchen cupboards and he too had no idea about the amount of money the cupboards carried.

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Lucky Man Receives Rs. 3.61 Lakhs as Finder’s Fee

It should be noted that under the German Law, it’s a crime to carry discovered cash worth more than €10 (Rs. 804). Such offenses can put a person behind the bar. However, people are also eligible for a 3% finder’s fee.

So, in the end, Mr. Heller received Rs. 3.61 lakhs as a finder’s fee.


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