In a close shave, a man from Thrissur, Kerala escaped being bitten by a highly venomous snake that had crept inside his two-wheeler helmet.

The incident occurred when Sojan, a native of Thrissur district, had parked his scooter at his workplace and left his helmet on the vehicle’s platform. As he returned in the evening to take his scooter, Sojan noticed suspicious movement near the helmet and realized something had entered it. Sensing it could be a snake, he immediately contacted the forest department for help.

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Rescuer Finds Small Cobra Inside Helmet

A snake rescuer named Lijo arrived promptly and upon close inspection found a small cobra coiled inside Sojan’s helmet. Though young in age, the venomous snake posed a serious risk of potentially fatal bite. As Lijo highlighted, the small size of the cobra could make its venom even more potent and dangerous.

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Fortunate Escape Thanks to Timely Discovery

Fortunately, the snake was rescued from the helmet without any harm and the man had a lucky escape from what could have been a life-threatening situation. The dramatic encounter underscores the importance of checking gear like helmets thoroughly before use as you never know what might have crept inside.

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