In a horrifying incident reported from Ludhiana, A Drunk man who slit his barber friend’s throat for talking on phone for too long was held hours after he committed the heinous act. The incident occurred earlier on Saturday last week and the accused was arrested by the Ludhiana police hours after the victim’s body was found locked in his barber shop. The victim has been identified as Mohammad Imran and the accused has been identified as Satyam Kumar.

According to the police, the 23-year-old accused was a sweeper in a factory and originally belongs from Tibba’s Vijay Nagar. The victim meanwhile was a 33-year-old hairdresser and was the accused’s close friend. The entire shocking incident was brought to the authority’s attention when the victim’s kin found reached his shop in a frantic effort to search for him.

After the accused was arrested, he told the police that he regularly indulged in alcohol with the victim. He confessed that he and the victim used to drink alcohol almost every day. Earlier on Friday, when the victim was talking on call, the accused pestered him to disconnect it.

When the victim didn’t disconnect the call, the accused took a sharp razor and slit the victim’s throat with it.

The Facts of the Matter

While one can’t surely know what goes in the mind of a killer, one can definitely identify triggers that enable a killer to take life. Often, these triggers include dispute over financial matters, personal enmity, rage, and uncontrolled emotions brewing due to influence of alcohol or drugs.

Recently, a 23-year-old man in Ludhiana murdered his 33-year-old friend over the petty dispute when the former was drunk. The accused, Satyam Kumar, murdered his friend, Mohammad Imran, after the latter continued talking on phone, much to his frustration. The incident was brought to light after Mohammad’s kin reached his shop in a frantic effort to search for him after he was missing.

Accused Arrested Hours Later of Crime

Hours after the victim’s body was found, the police were able to apprehend the suspect, who later confessed about the horrific incident. According to reports, Mohammad worked as a hairdresser while Satyam is a sweeper at a factory.

Duo Used to Drink Together Almost Every Day

The duo were close friends and a habit of drinking together. In his confession, Satyam told police that they sat together almost every night to drink. Earlier on Friday, the duo was having drinks at Imran’s hairdressing shop.

This was when Imran received a phone call and started talking on phone. An impatient Satyam repeatedly asked Mohammad to disconnect the call. After getting annoyed at being pestered, Mohammad started beating Satyam up. This was when Satyam decided to end things once and for all.

Matters Escalate, Accused Slashes ‘Best Friend’s’ Throat

Matters escalated to a point of no return when the accused, Satyam Kumar, took a blade and slashed his close friend Mohammad Imran’s throat. After realizing what he had done, Satyam dropped down the shop’s shutter and left for his home.

When Imran didn’t reach his home, his family called him on his phone. At around 4 am, Imran’s kin reached his shop and found his lifeless body in a pool of his own blood.

Police Says Accused Had No Intention to Kill Victim

Following apprehending Satyam, inspector in-charge Beant Juneja claimed that the accused had no intention of killing the victim and was too drunk to realize that he ended up slitting his throat. Satyam has been booked under multiple sections of the IPC, including Section 302 (punishment for murder) and more.


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