In a blood-curdling incident reported from Ludhiana, a woman reportedly set her 3-year-old son on fire over prolonged marital issues with her husband. The incident was reported from Ludhiana’s Ghudani Kalan village and occurred earlier on September 2. 3-year-old victim Harman is in critical condition, having suffered over 60% burn injuries. Meanwhile, the accused, Rupinder Kaur is currently on the run and yet to be arrested.

According to reports, the police during its investigation recovered synthetic motor oil from the spot where the accused set her 3-year-old son on fire. The accused’s mother in her complaint claimed that Rupinder had been dealing with marital issues and thus, had been living with them instead of her husband’s home.

Earlier on September 2, the accused was with her 3-year-old son, who was crying incessantly. When she failed to soothe him and stop him from crying, she set him on fire, Times Now reported. The accused allegedly poured oil on her son.

After hearing the victim’s cries of pain, the accused poured water on him to douse the fire. 3-year-old Harman was rushed to the local hospital, from where he was then directed to Civil Hospital Ludhiana. The child is currently admitted in PGIMER Chandigarh for treatment.

Meanwhile, the accused has been booked under sections of IPC and Juvenile Justice Act.

The Facts of the Matter

The stress of marital disputes can push a person to take some drastic steps. However, a woman in Ludhiana crossed all limits when she set her 3-year-old son on fire after being frustrated of reeling under marital disputes. The woman reportedly poured oil on her son and set him on fire. The child has since been in critical state, admitted to the PGIMER Chandigarh with 60% burn injuries.

The accused is identified as Rupinder Kaur and her 3-year-old son is identified as Harman.

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Accused had Been Living With Parents

According to reports, Rupinder had been living with her children at her paternal house due to strained relationship with her husband. Payal Harsimrant Singh, Assistant Commissioner of Police, told media that Rupinder had been mentally depressed because of strained relationship with her husband and disputes she had with him.

Earlier on September 2, 3-year-old Harman, who is the youngest child of the accused woman, was crying incessantly. After failing to sooth and calm her son down, an irritated Rupinder poured oil on her son and set him on fire.

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Accused’s Mother Douses Fire

On hearing the child’s cries of pain and agony, Rupinder’s mother Manjit rushed to the area and poured water on the child to douse the fire. The child was soon rushed to a local hospital, from where he was referred to the Civil Hospital, and the child is currently admitted in a critical state at the PGIMER Chandigarh.

The accused woman meanwhile has not yet been arrested. Cops were able to recover synthetic motor oil from the spot where the accused committed the crime.

Based on the complaint of Rupinder’s mother Majit Kaur, the police filed an FIR against Rupinder. The FIR has been filed against sections of IPC and Juvenile Justice Act.

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Rate of Crimes Against Children in Punjab Up

While Punjab did report a decline in overall crime rate in the state, crimes against children were on the rise in 2021. According to the numbers from National Crime Records Bureau, Punjab showed a sharp 20% jump in crimes against children in 2021 compared to 2020.

In 2020, 2,121 cases of crimes against children were reported in the state and the numbers increased to 2,556 cases in 2021.


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