In an act of absolute barbarism coming from Madhya Pradesh, a man chopped off a dog’s legs after the dog bit his son. Later a complaint was filed against the man by an animal activist. The dog had also earlier bitten 5 persons prior to biting the kid. What makes the situation all the more gut wrenching is the fact that the entire ordeal was recorded on video and later went viral on social media platform.

It should be noted that earlier, unidentified person(s) had poured acid over 5 street dogs in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.


There’s no end to the pain men can inflict on fellow humans or even on animals. According to a report by the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organization, as many as 4,93,910 animals were on the receiving end of horrific crimes committed by humans between 2010-2020.

The report estimated that on an average 5 animals die due to crimes committed by humans. However, due to lack of any official data by Centre-run entity, the actual readings may be even more grim. The report estimated that as many as 50 animals die every day, amounting to 2 lakh animals dying across the nation.

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The Facts of the Matter

A dog is a man’s best friend. But can the same be said about fellow humans. We all know a relative or friend who takes care of street dogs or contribute in their own way. However, the depraved also roam among us who inflict pain to the 4-legged ‘best friend’.

In a gut-wrenching incident reported from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, a man chopped off the legs of a dog and killed him in process. The dog had allegedly bit the leg of his son, and out of anger, the man chose to take the life of the dog.

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Video of Man Had Already Gone Viral

The incident happened way back in November when video of a man killing an animal went viral on social media platforms. This led to animal activists raising a police complaint.

Keeping the best interest of our readers in mind, we are refraining from sharing the video on our platform. The video showed a man hitting a dog reputedly as the dog howled in pain. Soon, the man uses a sharp-edged weapon and goes on to chop off the leg of the dog.

PETA Activist Raises Complaint

According to Dehat police station officer Anand Kumar, a complaint was raised by an activist from PETA. Mr. Kumar also said that the man was angry that the dog bit his son. Further, it was also alleged that the dog had earlier bitten 5 more persons.

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Complaint Filed Under Prevention of Animal Cruelty Act

Based on the complaint raised by PETA, the police ended up filing a case against the man under multiple sections of the IPC and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. The accused has been booked under Section 429 (Mischief by killing or maiming cattle, etc), and other relevant sections.

Meanwhile, the PETA issued a statement condemning the act and said, “PETA India commends the Gwalior police for taking steps to send across the message that cruelty to animals will not be tolerated.”

“Accused Needs Mental Evaluation”

PFA (People For Animals) activist Priyanshu Jain also slammed the horrific incident. Jain was quoted in an NDTV report saying, “The accused needs mental evaluation and counselling. Cases like these signify the need for stronger laws against animal abuse.