In a concerning development, a Madurai cop allegedly raped a woman returning from a movie. Further, he also robbed Rs. 30 thousand from the woman’s friend. According to a The News Minute report, the constable, identified as Murugan, found the woman and her friend returning to her home. The constable, who was posted at the Thilgar Thidal police station then went on to threaten the duo and later raped the woman.

Before raping the woman, the cop verbally abused the duo and asked them what they were doing late at night. He then took the friend’s phone, wallet and also his ATM pin. He then told the friend that he would drop the woman at her home. However, the cop went to an ATM and withdrew Rs. 30,000. The same night, he took the woman to a lodge and sexually assaulted her there.


In 2020, Tamil Nadu witnessed a sharp surge in crimes with a 430% increase in crimes as compared to 2019. While in 2019 1.68 lakh cases were registered in Tamil Nadu under the sections of IPC, over 8.91 lakh cases were registered in 2020. Tamil Nadu thus ended up topping the charts with states with most crimes in a year struck with the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, the state also registered a terrifying 28% rise in the number of cases of rapes against children in 2020.

Meanwhile, Telangana recorded the highest number of crimes against women among all southern states in 2020. Telangana reported 17,791 cases of crimes against women while Tamil Nadu reported 6,630 cases.

Earlier this week a harrowing crime was reported in a major Tamil Nadu city Madurai.

The Facts of the Matter

Cops are generally seen as the protector of the public from injustice of various kinds. However, what happens when the protector turns into a devil incarnate himself?

A police constable associated to the anti-crime wing at the Thilgar Thidal police station in Madurai was arrested for allegedly raping a woman. The incident came to light when the rape survivor tired to take her life after the horrible incident. Reportedly, the woman had gone to watch a movie on Sunday with her colleagues.

Woman, Man Cornered by Madurai Cop

While returning home with one of her colleague Mahesh, she was stopped by the accused cop. The cop, identified as V. Murugan, was out on his night patrol duty. On seeing the duo, the police officer stopped them and asked them why they were out and about at odd hours. He further questioned the nature of their relationship as they were not related.

Cop Threatens Duo, Takes Friend’s Phone, Wallet, ATM Pin

The cops then went on to verbally abuse the duo. He further threatened the woman and her friend that he will reveal their ‘illicit relationship’ to their families. He went on to take the phone and wallet of Mahesh. He also asked Mahesh the PIN of his ATM and then sent him assuring that he will drop the woman at her home.

Woman Taken to Lodge and Sexually Assaulted, Cop Withdraws 30k

However, the cop took the woman to a nearby lodged and sexually assaulted her. The cop later sent the woman away in an auto rickshaw. It was also revealed that he withdrew Rs. 30,000 from the friend’s ATM card.

Survivor Tries Taking Life, Cop Suspended

Later, the survivor tried taking her own life and was hospitalized for treatment. The woman later filed a complaint at an all-woman police station against Murugan. Murugan has been booked under Section 376 (Punishment for rape), Section 392 (Punishment for robbery), Section 506(ii) (Punishment for criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code.

The cop was subsequently arrested and was later suspended from his duties.