In the ongoing Mahant Narendra Giri suicide case, close disciples of the religious leader have been reported being arrested a day after his alleged suicide. On Monday, September 20, news broke that Mahant Narendra Giri, the head of Akhil Bharatiya Akhada Parishad, was found hanged in his matth. The incident happened in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.

Incidentally, on preliminary investigation, the police recovered a suicide note wherein Mahant went into details as to who all were responsible for his death.


Religious leaders on the sidelines are seen by people as beings of peace and tranquility. However, news of religious leaders taking the grave step of committing suicide tells us all that they are as human as we all are.

Earlier in 2018, Bhaiyyu Maharaj, a spiritual leader from Madhya Pradesh, took his life by shooting himself in head. According to the police, the spiritual guru was part of a family dispute that he got weary of.

The Facts of the Matter

On Monday, the leader of Akhil Bharatiya Akhada Parishad (ABAP), Mahant Narendra Giri died after allegedly committing suicide. For the unversed ABAP is one of the biggest religious organizations of Hindu saints that comprises of 14 akharas.

Disciplines Find Mahant’s Body

According to reports, when Giri didn’t come out from his room after a religious meeting, his disciples got suspicious. On breaking open the door, the disciples found Giri dead hanging from the ceiling fan. The disciples cut the rope with a knife and brought the body down.

Police Called, Suicide Note Found

Prashant Kumar, ADG (Additional Director General), claimed that the UP Police were called around 5.20 PM on Monday after Giri was found dead.

The police on preliminary investigation, found a 7-page note in which Giri named Anand Giri, his former protégé, responsible for his death.

For those who may not know, Anand Giri was the closest aide to the Mahant before the duo had a falling out in the past year or so.

FIR Filed Against Anand Giri, Arrest Made

Reportedly, an FIR report was filed by the UP police against Anand Giri. Within a few hours of the incident, Anand was arrested by the police from Uttarakhand.

It should be noted that Mahant and Anand were involved in a public spat since the past few months. Both the parties alleged each other of acts such as fund misappropriation.

Later, it was reported that the Mahant had expelled his protégé from the religious organization over the allegations of financial fraud.

Anand Giri Denies Involvement, Claims Conspiracy Made Against Him

Before his eventual arrest, Anand in an interview with Aaj Tak said that Mahant was not a person who’d take his own life. Anand alleged that there was a conspiracy hatched against him and that Mahant was tortured over money.

Mahant Giri Also Filed Video Before Killing Self

Meanwhile, the police have also arrested Sandeep Tiwari and Aadhya Tiwari, two disciples of the Mahant who stayed with him.

Further, the police have also launched a probe into a video that was recorded by the Mahant before his death. AKAP President had reportedly recorded a video, the contents of which, are being currently investigated.

According to an India TV report, the contents of the video were much akin to that of the suicide note which was found near the Mahant’s body. The suicide note mentions several people and reasons why Mahant killed himself, and if the video is similar to that, massive break can be made in the matter.