In a shocking incident reported from Maharashtra, two girls engaged in a tussle over their common boyfriend at the bus stand. However, what the boyfriend in question did is the most interesting part of the story. The chaos was reported from Maharashtra’s Aurangabad district where the two 17-year-old girls got engaged in a vicious brawl in a love triangle-gone-wrong.

According to reports, the shocking turn of events took place earlier on Wednesday morning in Aurangabad’s Paithan district. Reportedly, one of the girls in question arrived at the bus stand with her boyfriend. Somehow, the other girl too found out that her boyfriend was with another girl and she too reached the bus stand.

The two girls had a vicious argument which to no one’s surprise escalated to a physical altercation. Meanwhile, the boyfriend in question was having none of that and himself disappeared from the scene instead of intervening or giving a clarification.

The two girls were meanwhile taken to the police station. They were eventually released by the authorities after counseling and some talking to.

Earlier in May this year, another vicious brawl was witnessed in Bengaluru where school girls in uniform were seen hitting each other black and blue allegedly over a boy.

The Facts of the Matter

Boy meets girl, they fall for each other, boy meets another girl, and sparks fly by – and there we have it – a love triangle of sorts. The Indian entertainment industry have for the past several decades explored love triangles and some popular films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil Toh Pagal Hai, Silsila are known for the love triangles story.

However, what recently happened at a crowded bus stand in Maharashtra is something never seen before. Two seventeen-year-old girls in Aurangabad recently got indulged in a brawl over their common boyfriend. Meanwhile, the boyfriend, who witnessed the brawl, decided to leave the two girls and left the scene.

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Girl Sees Boyfriend with Other girls

According to reports, the incident took place earlier in Aurangabad’s Paithan on Wednesday. One of the girls had come to the crowded bus stand with her boyfriend. Somehow, the other girl caught the wind of her boyfriend being at the bus stand and decided to witness the same herself.

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Matters Escalate, Boyfriend Disappears

The two 17-year-old girls had an argument which to no one’s surprise, escalated to a physical altercation. As the altercation intensified, the boyfriend in question decided to not intervene or calm the girls down, but leave the spot and the two girls fighting over him behind.

Meanwhile, the ruckus created by the two girls was such that they were sent to the police station. Eventually, the two girls were released from the station with counselling and some talking-to.

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Video: Rajasthan Women Fight in Drain Over Property Dispute

Earlier in June, a similar physical altercation between two women were reported from Rajasthan. The women in question got engaged in the brawl over property issue. Video going viral from the scene of incident showed, two women throwing punches at each other and going at it with each other despite being fallen into a drain. Meanwhile, their family members turn into mute spectators and other bystanders were seen witnessing the drama unfold.


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