In a tragic incident from Maharashtra, 3 minor sisters were killed after a coal truck fell on them during unloading. The three victims were all aged just 3 to 7 years old and were sleeping next to the truck. So far 4 persons are held in the matter.

According to a New Indian Express report, the truck fell after its hydraulic system faced a glitch due to which the truck fell over on one side on the three girls. Reportedly the three minor girls were from the same family and were sisters. The incident occurred earlier on Tuesday at Tembivili village. The four persons included brick kiln owner. They have been charged under multiple provisions of the IPC.


According to the government data, India recorded as many as 1.20 lakh cases of “deaths due to negligence” with 328 people lost their lives on an everyday basis in 2020. This happened in a year where COVID-19 restrictions were at place. In the last three years there have been 3.92 lakh deaths due to negligence in road accidents. Meanwhile, a Business Standard report from 2018 cited a Harvard University study from a year before which claimed that as many as five million deaths are reported due to medical negligence in India.

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The Facts of the Matter

Three minor sisters were killed after a truck carrying coal fell on them while coal was being unloaded from them. The incident was reported from Bhiwandi tehsil’s Tembivili village earlier on Tuesday night. A two-year-old girl, another sister from the same family, escaped the mishap unhurt. Reportedly, the minor girl’s family worked at a brick kiln, the Bhiwandi taluka police station official was quoted informing.

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Victims Were Aged Between 3-7 Years

The tragic mishap took the lives of the girls aged between three to seven years. They were the daughters of worker-couple who worked at a brick kiln. After the incident, a complaint was filed and a case was registered under Section 304 A (Causing death by negligence) of the Indian Penal Code. Four persons were produced before the local court and they were remanded in police custody.

Hydraulic System Faced a Glitch, 4 People Held

The arrested persons included the brick kiln owner Gopinath, the truck driver Toufik Shaikh, and Suresh Ramdas Patil, who had brought the coal. Reportedly, the coal containing truck was unloading the coal when its hydraulic system faced a glitch and the truck ended up tilting over on one side and falling on the three minor victims.

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How One Toddler Escaped Death

According to a New Indian Express report, the girls were allowed to sleep by the mother in a thatched hut in a brick kiln. Meanwhile a toddler was made to sleep in a cloth cradle which was hung to a tree. The toddler was barely some distance away from where the mishap happened, which led to her escaping a tragic death.

The father of the deceased siblings had gone to relieve himself at the time the incident happened.

A mother and her two minor children were killed on Thursday evening, when a truck turned on its side and fell on their hut at Jamalpur in Purba Bardhaman district, which is located around 100 kilometers (km) north of Kolkata, West Bengal.

Similar Incident Was Reported from WB

A similar incident was reported earlier in November 2020 when a mother and her two kids were killed after a truck turned on one side and fell on them. The incident was reported from Jamalpur in West Bengal. The victims were identified two minor children – a boy (12) and his sister (14). Their mother was identified as 28-year-old Sandhya Barui.

The incident happened when a sand-carrying truck was trying to turn on a narrow village road and turned on its one side completely. The village reportedly fell on a hut where the victims were residing. Such was the impact of the fall that the victims were buried under the debris of the sand-laden truck.


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