Maharashtra and Jammu & Kashmir have issued a bird flu alert after several states have reported birds’ death due to bird flu. Till now 5 states have confirmed cases of bird flu including Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh.  

As a precautionary measure, the central government has ordered state officials to monitor bird movements and unusual deaths in forest areas and near water bodies. 

Bird flu alert in Maharashtra

Recently, Maharashtra has issued a bird flu alert after the sudden death of 16 birds in the Thane district of Maharashtra. The birds found dead near Vijay Garden Pond were Herons and parakeets. 

The local residents reported to authorities about the bird deaths. The officials immediately sent the carcasses to the Disease Investigation Agency in Pune for bird flu testing. The samples were found negative for the bird flu virus. Till now, no case of bird flu has been confirmed.   

Bird flu alert in Jammu & Kashmir

More than 150 crows have been found dead in the Udhampur, Kathua, and Rajouri districts of Jammu. However, no confirmed cases of bird flu have been reported yet.  

After the sudden death of birds, Jammu & Kashmir has issued a bird flu alert and banned the import of poultry birds and their products until 14th January. The officials have set checkpoints on the Delhi-Jammu national highway to prevent the transport of poultry.  

The ban was announced after the central government has ordered local authorities to keep a strict vigil to reduce the spread of bird flu. 

The animal husbandry department officials are also advised to: 

  • keep a close watch on the poultry farms.  
  • burn and dispose of the dead birds as per the protocol. 
  • inspect the forest areas which attract a large number of migratory birds.  

Authorities claim that the wild aquatic birds and the migratory birds are responsible for the spread of the bird flu virus in the country. 


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