A blacksmith from Maharashtra was offered a Bolero from Anand Mahindra for his innovative four-wheeler designed from scrap. On 21st December, Tuesday the Mahindra Group Chairman, Anand Mahindra shared a video on his Twitter account which showed the innovative creation of Dattatraya Lohar, a blacksmith from Maharashtra. The man has created a four-wheeler jeep-like structure with a two-wheeler mechanism using abandoned scrap. Lohar made this four-wheeler to fulfill his son’s wish. For this amazing creation, Anand Mahindra has offered him a Bolero in exchange.

How Blacksmith’s Innovation Reached Anand Mahindra

Earlier, a YouTube channel, Historicano shared the video of Dattatraya’s innovative four-wheeler. However, the video gained popularity when the 66-year-old business tycoon, Anand Mahindra posted the video through his Twitter account.

The 40-second video shows the man from Devrashtre village, Maharashtra explaining the mechanism of his innovative vehicle which he built from car scrap. Though the four-wheeler made by Dattatraya does not meet any of the regulations, it managed to impress the industrialist.

Along with the video, Anand Mahindra wrote, “This clearly doesn’t meet with any of the regulations but I will never cease to admire the ingenuity and ‘more with less’ capabilities of our people. And their passion for mobility—not to mention the familiar front grille (sic).

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More About Dattatraya Lohar’s Unique Car

Despite, being underqualified to design a vehicle, Dattatraya Lohar managed to build a four-wheeler by using car scrap. For this unique jeep-like four-wheeler, Dattatraya used several old or rejected parts of a car.

The four-wheeler is left-hand driven with a kick-start mechanism which is generally seen in two-wheelers. As per the information provided on YouTube, Dattatraya has invested an amount of Rs. 60,000 to build this vehicle just to fulfill his son’s wish.

Anand Mahindra Offers a Bolero in Exchange

 On 22nd December, Wednesday, Anand Mahindra made a subsequent tweet where he shared that he is willing to gift a Mahindra Bolera to Dattatraya Lohar in exchange for his vehicle. The reason he gave behind this offer was the local authorities, who would stop Dattatraya from using his vehicle as it does not meet any of the regulations. Anand Mahindra also shared his interest to display this innovative four-wheeler at the Mahindra Research Valley to inspire people. In his tweet, he also said that ‘resourcefulness’ means doing more with less resources.

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Social Media Reactions

The Mahindra Group Chairman often tweets about smart innovations caught by him, to Twitter. Since Tuesday, Anand Mahindra’s tweet has been retweeted 1300 times. It has gained several comments and 14000 plus likes. Including Anand Mahindra, netizens on the internet are highly impressed with Dattatraya’s innovation and posting positive comments.