In Maharashtra, a drunk man climbed a mobile phone tower in a Sholay-style incident, demanding a patch-up with his estranged wife. The man ended up getting detained, and was later released. The incident was reported from Jalna district in Maharashtra and the man in question was identified as Ganpat Bakal.

Eyewitness to the entire ordeal told media that the man’s actions reminded them of memorable skit by Veeru, played by Dharmendra. In the 1975 cult film, a drunk Veeru climbed an overhead tank and attempted to commit suicide for his love ‘Basanti’.

Meanwhile, in Jalna, eyewitnesses gathered around the mobile phone tower and tried to negotiate with Ganpat Bakal. According to reports Bakal was devastated with the fact that his wife was at his parent’s place, and was demanding his wife’s return.

Eventually, authorities were alerted and police personnel along with fire brigade personnel arrived at the spot. It was only after the assurance of the authorities and locals, that Ganpat finally came down.

Incidentally, the incident comes less than a week after a similar incident was reported from Chennai. A 19-year-old youth had climbed a high-tension electricity tower after his 15-year-old girlfriend rejected his wedding proposal.

The Facts of the Matter

In 2020, the Uttar Pradesh government decided to put locks on stairs of overhead water tanks. The decision by the government came after a family of lawyers spent 60 hours on top of a water tank in Prayagraj, threatening if their demands were not met, they would kill themselves.

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Drunk Man Recreates Sholay

It’s 2022, and the trend continues. In Maharashtra, a drunk man recreated Sholay and ended up climbing a mobile phone tower. His demand? Patch-up with his wife who was not staying with him and had gone to her parent’s home.

Climbing 100ft Mobile Tower

The incident was reported from Dabhadi village in Maharashtra’s Jalna district and the man in question who put his life in danger was identified as Ganpat Bakal. Ganpat Bakal climbed atop a 100 ft mobile tower, demanding his wife patches-up with him and comes back to him.

On Wednesday, residents of the village were startled to hear the screams and shouts of Ganpat who had climbed atop the mobile tower. Soon the locals gathered around the tower and called personnel from fire brigade and police.

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Negotiation Struck, Man Detained

Soon a negotiation between a drunk Ganpat and the authorities was struck. To have Ganpat climb down the tower anyhow, the locals and the authorities assured him that they would help him in solving his domestic dispute.

Upon climbing down the mobile tower, Ganpat was immediately detained. However, he was later released.

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Cuttack Man Did Something Similar in 2021

Similar incidents have transpired in the past where people have taken inspiration from Sholay’s Veeru, and have climbed atop towers and water tanks to have their demands met. Earlier in October 2021, a man in Cuttack climbed an overhead water tank, and threatened to commit suicide as he was not paid arrear of his remuneration.

The man, identified as Deepak Ranjan Khandual, was a worker at the Rural Water Supply project from the Arilo panchayat, and alleged that he was not paid remaining of his remuneration. The high-octane drama continued till the police officials rushed with fire tenders to rescue him. He was immediately taken to the police station.


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