In a horrific case of honor killing, a family in Maharashtra recently dragged a minor girl from her wedding venue, killed her. They then cremated the deceased victim to destroy the evidence. The heartbreaking case of honor killing was reported from Maharashtra’s Jalna and occurred at the Pirpimpalgaon village. The deceased victim was identified as 17-year-old Suryakala Santosh Sarode.

According to reports, the matter came to the attention of authorities after a local alerted the police and shared the horrific details of the honor killing. Reportedly, the victim had eloped with a boy earlier this week, who was her distant relative and boyfriend. Fearing rejection from her family, the victim decided to take off with her lover.

Meanwhile, her father asked her to come back, assuring her that he would get them married. After the girl returned home, all the wedding preparations were done for her. On the day of the wedding, the deceased’s family dragged her from the mandap, to a tree and hanged her there to death.

After killing the deceased, her father and uncle got her down, and cremated her to destroy the evidence. The girl’s family, including her father, killed her to avoid dishonour from the society. They hanged the minor victim to death to then tell people she died by suicide.


As per NCRB’s report from 2020, only 25 cases of “honor killing” were reported in 2019. Shockingly enough, in 2018 and 2017, only one such incident was reported and registered. However, an NGO Evidence revealed that in November 2019 alone, as many as 195 such cases were reported from the state of Tamil Nadu. The misinformation around honor killings makes it a challenging problem to curb, with policy makers being provided with no relevant data to pass new laws.

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Maharashtra Honor Killing in Jalna

In Maharashtra, a family recently dragged their minor daughter and hanged her to death. They then proceeded to create her to destroy the evidence and make it appear that the girl died by suicide.

The most recent case of honor killing reported from Maharashtra occurred in Jalna city and was witnessed in Pirpimpalgaon village. The minor victim in the matter was identified as Suryakala Santosh Sarode (17).

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Victim Wanted to Marry Distant Relative

As per reports, Sarode was in love with a distant relative, with whom she had eloped. Fearing rejection from her family, she decided to elope with her lover. However, her father called her and asked her to return, assuring that he and the family would get her married to her lover.

Three days later, the girl returned with assurance of her family. Her family had completed all the wedding preparations for her.

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Father, Uncle Hang Girl To Death

However, things took a turn for worse on the wedding day. As the minor girl sat in the wedding ‘mandap’, her father and uncle dragged her away, and took her to a large tree in the village.

They tied the knot around the girl, and hanged her to death for wanting to marry the person of her choice. After killing her, they got her down, and then cremated her in the hopes of destroying all the evidences, and creating a story of the girl dying by suicide.

However, when some locals found out about the incident, they took to the cops and gave them the harrowing details of the case. The cops registered a case against the accused father and uncle.


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