In a heartbreaking incident reported from Maharashtra’s Nandurbar, a father of a gangrape victim preserved his daughter’s corpse for 44 days seeking justice. For just over one-thousand hours, the victim’s father kept his daughter’s body safe and preserved in a salt pit.

The victim was allegedly gangraped and murdered. After multiple exclusive reports by prominent news outlets, and the family’s demands of justice, the authorities have ordered a second post-mortem in the matter.

In their interviews to news media, the victim’s family alleged negligence and inaction by the police in the investigation of the rape and murder angle. In the first post-mortem, the victim was pronounced dead by suicide. The family also claimed that the doctor was pressurized by the police to not chase the rape angle.

After multiple exclusive interviews to news outlets that spread like wildfire, the family alleged that local BJP MP got involved in the matter. Earlier on Wednesday, 10 policemen, including a senior cop from Nandurbar, reached the salt pit and exhumed the body to send it for the second autopsy.

“My daughter did not commit suicide. After being raped, she was killed and hanged from a tree”, the victim’s father said. “I have kept the body in a salt pit for re-mortem. No cremation will take place unless the post-mortem is done again,” he added.

The Facts of the Matter

Parents of sexual assault victims are forced to carry the pain and grief of what their children endure. However, unfortunately, they are often forced to bear the weight of the lack of justice that comes after such an assault. Today’s story is about the father of one such victim, and the strength he has managed to find to seek justice for his daughter.

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The Case

A 21-year-old girl from Nandurbar district was found hanging from a tree, some 20 km from her home. While her father categorically maintained that her daughter was raped and murder, the police had registered the case as death due to suicide. The post-mortem at the district hospital also ruled out a foul play.

However, the family has continued alleging police negligence and inaction regarding the case. They have protested, and demanded justice. The victim’s father preserved his daughter’s body in a salt-pit, in the hopes that a second post-mortem would be done and truth would lead to justice for his daughter.

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Alleged Accused Arrested, Freed

According to an Indian Express report, the victim was allegedly kidnapped by three youths on August 1. A day later, a call was made from the victim’s number to a relative and the victim informed that she was kidnapped by one Ranjeet Thackeray, and two others.

Deputy Superintendent of the Police, Shrikant Bhumre spoke to media and said that post-mortem revealed the case to be of suicide. While Ranjeet was initially arrested, he was later released as there were no offences against him.

Villagers, Family Preserve Victim’s Body

The victim’s body was given to the family on August 2. However, the family members and the villagers decided to not cremate the body. “The deceased father decided that he will not cremate his daughter till all the accused involved in the incident are strictly punished,” a local villager told Indian Express.

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Second Post-Mortem Ordered

Meanwhile, the victim’s story, and the family’s plight spread like wildfire. A social activist identified as Parineeti Phoksen also demanded justice for the family and spoke to DSP Nandurbar. After outrage on social media and by locals, a second post-mortem was ordered.

The autopsy will be video-recorded and a magistrate will be present to avoid any weak links. Meanwhile, the three accused, including Ranjeet Thackeray, have also been arrested again.


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