In what can be seriously called the ‘Maharashtra Horror Show’, 11 skulls and 54 bones of foetuses were found in a private hospital in Nagpur, Wardha. The grim discovery was made thanks to a probe of a matter that was equally grim. The police were investigating the rape of a 13-year-old victim by a 17-year-old boy and the subsequent illegal abortion that took place. Reportedly, an abortion-racket was run at the private hospital. The hospital has been reported to be Kadam Hospital in Arvi tehsil, Wardha. All the skulls and bones have been sent to the laboratory for further examination. Currently, the police are trying to ascertain whether the remains of the foetuses were disposed of legally or illegally.

The Facts of the Matter

A sensational crime is much akin to onion skin. Once a layer of crime is taken off, layers after layers of crimes emerge beneath the guise of that one particular crime. In a similar vein to that, the police, who were investigating the rape, and illegal abortion of a minor girl, found a graveyard of aborted foetuses. The episode was reported from Wardha, Maharashtra.

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Where it All Began?

Earlier, a minor girl filed a complaint against her boyfriend alleging that she was lured into having a physical relationship with him. She also alleged that she was forced to undergo an abortion at the Kadam Hospital, a family run hospital in Wardha. According to an India Today report, the parents had threatened the victim’s parents of defaming the girl if she doesn’t get an abortion. The family of the boy paid for the abortion.

According to reports, the hospital did not maintain the record of the abortion appropriately and only highlighted the fact that the victim had gotten admitted due to ‘stomach ache’. Moreover, when the police probed the matter, it was revealed that the CCTV footages were missing.

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Arrests Made, Probe Continues

Later, the police arrested a woman, her mother-in-law (who works as a gynaecologist), and their support staff for allegedly running an abortion racket. The people arrested so far have been identified as Dr. Rekha Kadam, the nurses from the hospital, and the parents of the 17-year-old boyfriend of the victim.

A Times of India report quoted SP (Superintendent of Police) Prashant Holkar saying, “Police are probing various angles to ascertain how many abortions were conducted illegally, including those involving minor pregnancies, and whether the foetuses were disposed following legal standard operating procedure.”

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Skulls and Bones Found in Biogas Plant

Reportedly, when the police team went to the Kadam Hospital to conduct a thorough search, the team members found bones and skulls in the hospital’s biogas plant. After making the recovery, the police are reported to book the accused on another charge under the PCPNDT Act, 1994. The PCPNDT Act was implemented to stop female foeticides, and under the act, sex determination is banned.

A special team from Regional Forensic Science Laboratory (RFSL) will visit the biogas plant in Kadam Hospital’s premises to conduct more searches with the police team of Arvi under SDPO Salunkhe and police inspector Bhanudas Pidurkar. The skulls and skeletons so far recovered from the biogas plant will be handed over to RFSL for ascertaining their age, gender and other details from the genetic remains.
“Dr Shailaja had allowed the use of equipment and the premises for the abortion. We are probing whether she was also involved directly,” said an official.


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