A man in Maharashtra was recently booked by the cops for reportedly marrying twin techie sisters in Maharashtra’s Solapur. The groom was booked by the cops after the video of the strange development went viral on social media. The incident was reported from Malshiras tehsil and the wedding reportedly took place earlier on Friday last week. The groom was identified as Atul Uttam Autade.

As per the reports, the twin sisters share a bond so strong, that they couldn’t imagine parting ways after marriage. To continue living their lives together, the two sisters, who work as IT professionals, demanded to marry the same groom at the wedding. Strangely enough, their parents and family also agreed to their demands, and the marriage took place like other marriage would.

The two twin sisters in the matter were identified as Pinky and Rinky, who married Atul earlier on Friday. While the videos surfacing on social media shows the two sisters throwing garlands around Atul’s neck and the family laughing jovially, it seems that all did not go well for the married “couple” after the wedding.

Based on a complaint, the groom Atul was booked by the police in a non-cognizable offence under the section 494 (marrying again during lifetime of husband or wife) of the Indian Penal Code.

The Facts of the Matter

Imagine an Indian wedding. The stage is set for the groom and bride to complete their rituals. Music is blaring from speakers, kids and elderlies are enjoying some food while other people are eagerly waiting for the couple to arrive. While a groom comes out of the woodwork, he is accompanied by not one – but two brides. Moreover – the two brides are identical twins, waiting to put garlands around the groom.

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Twin Techie Sisters Marry Maharashtra Man

Although this sounds like a sketch from a 90s comedy film, this is something that happened in real in Maharashtra’s Malshiras tehsil. A groom reportedly married identical twin techie sisters after their strange demand of marrying him was agreed upon by their family.

However, the groom later received a rude shock, after being booked by the cops under non-cognizable offences based on a complaint.

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Why Twin Sisters Decided to Marry Same Man

It so happened that Pinki and Rinki, identical twins from Maharashtra, share an inseparable bond. To not part ways, the duo decided to marry the same man. The groom, Atul, had been actively taking care of the two girls before the wedding. Sometime back, the twin sisters’ mother fell ill, and they used to travel to the hospital with Atul, and formed a relationship with him.

Family Gave Consent to Twin Sisters to Marry Same Groom

The twin-sisters, who are IT professionals, spoke to their family about marrying the same man, and the family too consented to the strange union.

Further, the owner of the hotel where the wedding festivities took place, was quoted by media saying, “Both families had approached to organise the wedding at the hotel. I spoke to both the brides and the bridegroom and they gave their mutual consent. I have also taken their identity card details that includes Aadhaar and PAN cards.”

Video of Wedding Goes Viral

In the video of the wedding festivities gone viral, people can be seen cheering for the twins and their groom. The sisters are trying to garland the groom at the same time as cheers erupt in the background.

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Groom Booked

A strange twist took place in the events that followed. Based on the complaint of a complainant, the cops ended up booking the groom Atul under section 494 (Marrying again during lifetime of husband or wife), of the Indian Penal Code.


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