A Maharashtra-based man with 3 wives recently murdered his lover & later dumped the victim’s body in river. The accused was discovered by the cops thanks to branded sandals, which led to him being probed as the key accused in the incident. The incident came to fore after a complaint was filed earlier on December 14 in Panvel. The accused was identified as Riyaz Sheikh, while the victim was identified as Urvashi Vaishnav.

According to reports, the victim was murdered by her gym-trainer boyfriend, who with his friend, dumped the victim in the Gadi river. After the accused was arrested, he confessed to murdering his 27-year-old lover. The accused told that her girlfriend wanted to marry him, and was pressuring him into doing so. This enraged him, as he already has three wives.

After the victim’s body was recovered, the police kicked off a probe in the matter, and met a difficult challenge – lack of technical evidences. However, spotting branded sandals on the victim’s body, the police enquired all larger and smaller footwear stores in Navi Mumbai.

They finally found a lead, after a store in Navi Mumbai produced CCTV footage, in which the victim was seen coming to the store with a well-built man. The accused was then identified and arrested.

The Facts of the Matter

As per National Crime Records Bureau’s report from 2021, India registered as many as 29,272 murder cases, with Uttar Pradesh leading the charts with 3,717 such cases. Uttar Pradesh was followed by Bihar at 2,799 such cases. On the third spot of the undesired chart stood Maharashtra, which reported 2,330 murder cases in 2021, amounting to at least 6 murders being committed every day.

In yet another murder case surfacing from Maharashtra, a man killed his lover over her insistence of getting married. The man already has three wives.

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Probe Comes to Halt As No Technical Evidences Found

The incident came to the fore after a murder case was registered at Panvel earlier on December 14. The police identified the victim as Uravashi Vaishnav (27), a resident of Koparkhairane. Urvashi was strangled to death, and was later dumped in the Gadi river. The cops initiated an investigation to find the accused, but were met with a challenge of having no technical evidences.

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Police Spot Branded Sandal, Probe Intensifies

The crime branch probing the case spotted a branded sandal on the victim’s body, and continued with their probe. They narrowed down every footwear store in Navi Mumbai, and started making inquiries. A lead finally surfaced after the cops conducted inquiry at a footwear store in Vashi.

In the CCTV footage, the victim was seen coming to the store and buying a pair of sandals. She was accompanied by a well-built man, who looked like a body builder. The probe further intensified as the cops started to conduct inquiries at major gyms in Vashi and Koparkhairane.


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Accused a Gym Trainer, Arrested

The accused was finally identified to be a gym trainer in Koparkhairane area. He was identified as Riyaz Khan. On December 17, the cops finally arrested the accused from Deonar after laying a trap for him. Following the arrest, the accused confessed to killing Urvashi, with whom he had a relationship with, and killed because she wanted to get married, and he already has three wives.

The police also nabbed Riyaz’s friend Imran Sheikh, who helped the former in dumping the victim’s body in the river.


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