In a concerning development, the Maharashtra police rescued a toddler who was held captive for 2 months. A history-sheeter too was arrested. For the unversed, a history-sheeter is a person who has had a long list of crimes associated to him. The news comes just a day after a Mumbai-based minor girl threw a newly born baby from her home out of fear of getting caught.


Thanks to swift action by the police, a 3-year-old boy, who was abducted and was captive for more than 2 months, was rescued in Maharashtra’s Jalna city. Further, the police also held a history-sheeter who was involved in the abduction. According to reports, the abduction took place over a financial dispute with the 3-year-old boy’s family.

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The Facts of the Matter

Bazar police station’s police chief Aniruddh Nandekar said that Kartik Pawar, the 3-year-old boy, was kidnapped by Taniya Jadhav. Taniya is a resident of Lohar Mohalla and is a history-sheeter. A history-sheeter is a person against whom a list of offences have been drawn out in the past.

Child’s Parents Owed Accused Money, She Kidnapped Him

Nandekar was quoted by the police saying-

“The child’s parents owed some money to Jadhav and he was repeatedly asking them to repay his amount. Two months ago, Jadhav came to the Pawar family and sought his money back. However, as the Pawar family expressed inability to repay immediately, Jadhav took Kartik along with him.”

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Mother Takes to Police, Raids Made

Much akin to a popular Bollywood film, Taniya told the young boy’s parents that on the repayment of the money, they would get their child back. After weeks of deliberation, contemplation, the boy’s mother took to the police very recently.

The police immediately swung in action and carried a raid at Taiya’s hideout in her Hind Nagar residence. This is where the small boy was found and eventually rescued. Police chief Nandekar said that while the child is physically uninjured, he is in massive shock given the circumstances and has now been safely reunited with his family.

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Accused Booked

As for the accused, she has been booked under relevant sections of IPC pertaining to kidnapping and other motives.

Transgender Kidnaps, Buries 3-month-old Girl Alive

Earlier in July this year, 2 persons – one of whom was a transgender – were booked for kidnapping and then burying a 3-month-old girl alive. The accused had buried the toddler in a marshy land alive. The cause of the crime was later revealed to have come out of financial dispute. According to the police, the child’s family had refused to pay the transgender Rs. 2,000. To teach the parents of the girl a lesson, the accused kidnapped the little baby and killed her.

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The Rising Trend in Child Abduction in India

According to National Crime Bureau, as many as 98,888 abductions were reported across the country in 2019 with Maharashtra claiming 11,755 such cases and accounting 9.6% of the total cases in country. Meanwhile, from 2012 to 2016, the rate of child abductions reached to 119 per 1 million in the child population.

Although the figure may not be as horrifying, thanks to the massive population in the country, what’s more concerning is that the share of kidnapping in abduction is on a rising trend. In 2006, child kidnapping rose to 23%, to 40% in 2012, and then surged as high as 60% in 2016.