In an absolutely bizarre news from Maharashtra, a thief was caught on camera after he took God’s blessings by touching the idol’s feet before stealing donation box from a temple. However, the blessings didn’t quite work out for him as he was later arrested by the Naupada police station. Reportedly, the burglar took to a Lord Hanuman temple to make a quick buck by stealing the donation box from the temple. According to reports, the donation box was carrying a sum of Rs. 1,000.

Later, the police used the CCTV footage to make inquiries and nab the suspects. The accused has been identified as 18-year-old Kejas and he also had an accomplice, Suraj, who is 21-years-old.

Facts of the Matter

Beneath the cold, cunning and greedy exterior of a thief, may live a God-fearing and religious person. The notion was recently proven true by a Maharashtra burglar who broke into a temple to steal a donation box. The man, who was maybe aware of his act, sought the blessings (or asked for forgiveness), by touching the feet of the idol. Unbeknownst to him, the CCTV placed in the premises was catching all these things.

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Priest Leaves Temple, Donation Box Goes Missing

On November 11, the Naupada police was approached by the 57-years-old priest of Kabirwadi Hanuman Temple. The priest, identified as Mahavirdas Maharaj, told the police that the temple witnessed theft earlier on Tuesday, November 9. The temple priest claimed that after stepping out of the temple for some work for a few minutes, he returned to the temple that was missing the donation box. The priest claimed that the donation box was kept near the idol.

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Police Swings into Action, CCTV Footage Shows Amusing Action

The police soon swung into the action and first checked the CCTV footage. The police saw a footage that not only got them closer to the suspects but also amused them. They saw a young man stepping in the temple, coming close to the idol and touching its feet, before fleeing with the donation box.

From another angle, the police saw that the suspect fleeing the temple with another accomplice who was waiting for him outside the temple. With some idea of the physical appearance of the suspects, the police started investigating.

Police Speak to Locals, Suspects Identified

The police first spoke to the people who lived near the temple. They were working on the theory that the suspect was a local as only locals would know when the temple would be least likely to be filled with people.

The police followed the leads it received and soon found the identity of the suspects. The suspects were identified as Kejas Mhasde (18) and Suraj Torane (21). The police confirmed that Kejas was a Rabodi resident.

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Arrest Made, Rs. 536 Recovered

A Hindustan Times report quoted Senior Police Inspector, Sanjay Dhumal saying, “Inquiries confirmed his involvement in the theft and he also revealed the identity of his accomplice, who was also picked up from Rabodi.” Reportedly, the police put both the accused under arrest. They also recovered Rs. 536 from the accused along with the donation box.

Watch CCTV Footage Here:

Petty Thief Steals Sanitizer Bottle from ATM

Thefts, big or small, when caught on cam can give a glimpse into the mind and heart of the thief. Earlier in May this year, a petty thief was caught on cam. The video later made its way to Twitter, evoking some hilarious response.

The small footage shows a man in ATM withdrawing money. His attention was brought to the bottle of hand sanitizer that was kept near the machine. The man picks the bottle, making many viewers think that he was attempting to apply the sanitizer on his palms.

However, the man calmly removed the bottle from the stand and put it inside his laptop bag.