These CEOs of foreign companies are of Indians origin and they are doing their job better than many out there. These people have not only maintained the decorum of their company but have innovated ways for the firms, giving them better escalation in terms of profits, proficiency and profoundness.

Indians are making their presence count around the globe in every single field. May it is finance, economics, technology, science, peace-keeping, politics or anything else; we Indians know how to bring every eye in the room on us. And this few CEOs are no exception to this trait. These CEOs who are Indians by birth are one of the most renowned and successful ones.

1) Sundar Pichai, Google

Not only one of the most famous Indians, but one of the most successful CEOs of the biggest tech company ever, Sundar Pichai is an Indian born genius who has his family roots in Tamil Nadu. After completing his graduation (engineering) in chemicals from IIT Kharagpur, Pichai went abroad for higher studies. He joined google at a young age and worked his way up to become the CEO of Google. He often visits India too during Google Products launch. Over the years, Google has flourished a lot in India as the executive operations are being controlled by one of us only. Google’s reign has expanded a lot, not only in India but around the globe since he joined.

2) Satya Nadella, Microsoft

One of the biggest software manufacturing companies in the world, Microsoft has its reach to almost every house in India. Well, maybe that is what inspired one Indian Intelligent to go on and join the company. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft is another major technological personality on the planet who comes from India. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering which he pursued from Manipal Institute of Technology. He also holds a degree in MBA. He is the CEO of Microsoft since 2014 and is one of the biggest tech influencers in the world.

3) Sanjay Kumar Jha, Motorola & Qualcomm

Motorola may not be the best smartphone brand in the world, but it has its segment of buyers. Motorola Mobiles were a real craze in the early 2000s but lost charm with the advent of the smartphone era. However, the company soon caught up with the pace and is now operating effectively amongst various countries including India itself. The credit may be given to the innovative Indian mind Sanjay Kumar, who is a PhD in electronics. Sanjay comes from a humble background from the Indian state of Bihar. He is widely known for his knowledge about semiconductors. He has been in the limelight for a few past years. Apart from being the CEO at Motorola Mobiles, he is the chief operating officer at Qualcomm.

4) Shantanu Narayen, Adobe

May it be a photographer, editor, graphic designer, animator or film-maker, every single one of these can never move an inch in their work, if it were not for one of the biggest software company, Adobe. And guess what? Adobe’s CEO is Indian too. Shantanu Narayen, a global personality got into the shoes of Adobe’s chief operating officer post in 2005. He comes from Hyderabad and has bagged his graduation in Electronics and Communication from Osmania University. He is the receiver of Padma Shri Awards in 2019, India’s highest civilian honour. It is only under his leadership that Adobe became one of the fortune 500 companies recently.

5) Rajeev Suri, Nokia

The most favourite phone company of all the Millenials, Nokia may have lost the charm for the new generation but it still holds a special corner in all of our hearts. The company’s CEO Rajeev Suri joined the company in 2015, and we all know how beautifully Nokia’s fate turned since then in the smartphone industry. Rajeev is a bachelor’s degree holder from Manipal Institute of Technology in Electronics and Communication. Over the years, he has played a crucial role in shaping what Nokia’s future operations and strategies. Since he held his chair as the CEO of the company, he brought