In a representation of ‘that escalated quickly, a man burnt down his house worth Rs. 13.57 crores while trying to get rid of snakes. The incident was reported from Maryland, USA where a man, tired of snake infestation tried taking situation under his control. However, things didn’t pan out the way he thought and he ended up burning his house worth $1.8 million. Thankfully, no humans were harmed in this bizarre mishap and further, the status of the snake is still unknown. Meanwhile, to douse down the fire a team of 75 firefighters rushed to the location.


We all have seen Hollywood films with dinosaurs and other dangerous creatures infested on a fictional land. And often, a strange idea is floated by someone to completely destroy the region and hence, get rid of the creatures. But what happens when fiction turns into reality. Often, people take the most drastic steps to get rid of something, which leads to unintended consequences.

A man in Maryland was on the receiving end of this situation recently.

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The Facts of the Matter

Most of us have heard the term ‘fighting fire with fire’, an expression which means using similar methods to fight back at an opposing force. But a man in Maryland recently fought smoke with fire. The incident happened earlier this month where a person ended up burning his own home after it was infested with snakes.

Fire and rescue officials from Maryland acted on an alarm raised after locals reported a blazing home on November 23. A Guardian report cited the fire officials saying that there was a “large two-three-story single family house with heavy fire throughout structure and roof collapse”.

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75 Firefighters Fight Fire in –4 Degrees Temperature

The intensity of the fire was such that as many as 75 firefighters had to rush to the location. The firefighters tried dousing the fire in rough weather where the temperature dropped as low as –4 degrees Celsius.

How Did the Man Manage to Set House on Fire

Reportedly, the home owner had tried using smoke to get rid of the snakes that had infested his home. The fire department later revealed that the cause of the entire ordeal was “accidental” and that the home owner tried burning coal. The coals were close enough to other highly combustible objects.

What started with mere smoke, soon escalated into blazing fire. The origin of the fire was reported to be the basement, walls and floor.

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Not the First Incident Where Man Burned House Down

It should be noted that this was not the first time a person burned down their home as a response to something seemingly trivial. Earlier this year, a man from the UK burnt his own home and caused damages worth £550,000.

Initially, the cause of the incident was reported to be accidental. However, later it was revealed that the man used the blowtorch to burn down the house as he was not too pleased about the fact the house was to be put on sale. The man, John McCorry used blowtorch to “stop his wife from getting a share of the house” three days before it was put to sale.

To Bee or Not To Bee: Man Sets House Ablaze

In August 2017, a man was fed up with the bee infestation in his home. Determined to take control of the situation, the man tried burning a bee-nest in his home. However, he ended up destroying most of his home in the process.

The man, according to reports, put a stick-on fire, and then tried to poke a bee-nest with it. This led to the attic where the bee-nest was be ablaze and soon the fire spread across the home.