A man from Uttar Pradesh was found alive after being declared dead by the doctors despite spending over 7 hours in the hospital morgue freezer. The family blames the doctors on duty for their negligence and carelessness.


A man named Srikesh Kumar who was 45-years old met with an accident with a motorbike in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. On Thursday night when the accident took place, Srikesh was immediately rushed to a clinic initially. Seeing his critical condition he was shifted to a private medical hospital and examined by the emergency medical officer on duty. On seeing no signs of life, Srikesh was declared dead and was transferred to a government hospital on Friday morning for postmortem.

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Tears Changed to Smiles

On Friday morning the police and the family members arrived for ‘Panchnama’ for identifying the body and agreeing to an autopsy. When Srikesh was removed from the morgue freezer he showed some signs of life which put his relatives in shock. Seeing a ray of hope, the family members of Srikesh immediately informed the doctors and he was moved to the district hospital for further treatment.

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Accusations Made by Srikesh’s Family

Despite the miracle that happened in Srikesh’s case, his family was very upset with the negligence shown by the doctors on duty. One of the family members of Srikesh, named KishoriLal claimed that they took Srikesh to three different hospitals before he was declared dead. He alleged the doctor on duty at the district hospital for just doing the checkup and not giving any treatment. As per the doctor, Srikesh had no pulse and blood pressure and therefore he was dead. But even after spending more than seven hours in the morgue freezer, he was found breathing and alive. The family is upset with this fact and demands investigation on the doctor on duty at the district hospital for mistakenly declaring Srikesh as dead even when he was alive.

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Justifications Made by the Chief Medical Superintendent

Dr. Shiv Singh, the chief medical superintendent of Moradabad tried to justify on behalf of the emergency doctor on duty, Manoj Yadav. He explained the entire scenario of Srikesh coming in critical condition and being examined by Manoj Yadav at 3 in the morning. He also added that Dr. Manoj told him that the patient had no heartbeat when he examined him. Dr. Shiv Singh called it the rarest of rare cases and tried to justify it by saying, “Sometimes there are problems in declaring someone dead. For example, there is “suspended animation’ where there is a temporary cessation of many vital organs without death.”