In another incident of ‘denied entry over dress code’, a man was recently denied entry at SBI branch for wearing shorts. Later, the SBI chief manager reached out to the man and the issue was resolved. The incident happened earlier last week when a customer took to one of the Kolkata branches of the state-run bank. After being denied entry in the bank, the man named Ashish took to Twitter and tagged SBI while sharing his grievance.

Reportedly, the customer was told that the bank “expected certain level of decency” and asked the man to come back wearing full pants. The Twitter thread has since gone viral with some interesting responses from netizens.


In today’s day and age, a customer is truly the king. Any organization which serves customers have their policies laid down keeping in mind the customer’s experience. And yet, occasionally, reports of a person denied entry due to their outfit emerge.

In September, a woman was denied entry at a Delhi restaurant as she was wearing saree. The woman was told that she was not abiding the ‘smart casuals’ dress code of the restaurant.

Earlier this year, a young girl who was out to give her exam was denied entry for wearing shorts. Similarly, back in 2017, a SBI branch in Pune also denied a customer as he was wearing Bermuda shorts.

The Facts of the Matter

When you open a bank account, you are assured that you are a valued customer. The bank employees tell you that the bank will serve you 24*7 all 365 days of the year. But when you go to the bank, you are denied entry as you are not wearing full pants. Is that fair?

Something similar happened to a Kolkata man who had gone to a State Bank of India branch in his city. As the man entered the bank, he was asked to leave and come back wearing full pants as the bank expected “decency”. The man then took to Twitter and and shared his grievance, tagging the bank and soon, the bank swung into action to resolve the issue.

The man’s name on Twitter is Ashish. Ashish took to Twitter last week and tagged the bank with the question, “Is there some sort of an official policy on what a customer can wear and cannot wear?”

“Was Told to Come Back Wearing Full Pants”

He also shared the incident that he experienced and wrote, “Hey @TheOfficialSBI, went to one of your branch today wearing shorts, was told that I need to come back wearing full pants as the branch expects customers to “maintain decency”.”

The man further added the entire incident and wrote, “The gist is I entered the branch, a peon told me to come back in full pants, I said where is the rule written, the entire staff started shouting at me, I retorted back, and came back after asking the process to close the account (which is why I had gone to the bank)”.

“Sue them”: Netizens React to Man Not Getting Entry in SBI Branch

The tweet by Ashish soon got viral and has since received over 2,641 likes and over 478 retweets. Netizens reacted in their own way to the incident. A person wrote, “You should sue them for this behavior and ruining your image in public. This is democratic country and we are free to wear cloth of our choice.”

Another person quipped, “what next ? wearing a dog collar like slave ? Or wearing specific brand coat-suite ?”

A netizen claimed to be a cyclist and said how another bank denied him entry as he was wearing Bermuda.

SBI Ends ‘Lunch Break’. Asks Customer to Share Details

The largest state-run bank was quick to respond and asked the customer to share his details for a quick resolution.

 Bank Chief Manager Resolves Issue

The bank soon resolved the issue, and the aggrieved customer took to Twitter and wrote, “I have with me Mr Joy Chakraborty (CM Admin of the region) with me, they came to my home and have taken care of the Issue. I would like to close this complaint and do not want any action against the staff.”