In a bizarre incident reminiscent of the popular Netflix series ‘Money Heist’, a man in Jaipur showered rupee notes from atop a car while dressed in a red jumpsuit and Salvador Dali mask, leading to a frenzied rush by onlookers to grab the cash. The incident took place near Gaurav Tower in Malviya Nagar on Sunday evening and was captured on video that has since gone viral on social media.

Man Arrested After ‘Money Rain’ Stunt

The unidentified man, perched atop a car, was seen throwing Rs 10 and Rs 20 notes in the air, imitating the style of ‘Money Heist’ characters. This led to traffic disruptions and a huge crowd gathering to collect the notes.

The man was subsequently arrested by Jaipur Police. As per latest reports, he has claimed to have done it “just for fun” and borrowed his father’s car for the stunt. Police are verifying if the notes were genuine and investigating if any laws were broken.

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Previous ‘Money Rain’ Incidents

This is not the first such incident where people have emulated the popular Netflix show by showering cash in public areas.

Last year, a similar event occurred in Bengaluru where an unknown man tossed Rs 10 notes from a flyover onto the streets below. Large crowds had gathered to grab the money.

In 2021 in Gujarat, renowned folk singer Kirtidan Gadhvi was showered with around Rs 40-50 lakhs in cash during a performance. The event was organized by a trust to raise funds for an eye hospital.

Mixed Reactions Online

The Jaipur incident has garnered mixed reactions on social media. While some found it amusing, others raised concerns over the traffic disruption and public frenzy it created.

“It was a unique promotional tactic but could have been executed more responsibly,” said one user.

However, many pointed out that the man’s actions were illegal as showering cash in public spaces is prohibited under law. Authorities are examining the case to determine if the stunt will attract penalties.

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‘Money Heist’ Inspired Challenges Raise Safety Concerns

The Jaipur event follows previous dangerous stunts and challenges inspired by the hit Spanish show ‘Money Heist’, which glorifies heists and displays of wealth.

Authorities have cautioned people against taking part in such gimmicks as they can lead to violations of law and order. The show itself does not promote any illegal activities and should be enjoyed responsibly, they say.

As ‘Money Heist’ fever grips India, police will be on the watch for copycat stunts that create public disruptions. Social media challenges require mindfulness about potential risks to safety.

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