A man suffered heartbreaking consequences of tanning going wrong as the woman whom he was trying to impress with his tan, ended up canceling the date and blocking him. The incident was reported from Middlesbrough, England and the man who has now become a subject to some light-hearted trolling has been identified as Darren.

The Middlesbrough resident recently tried to give his skin a shade of light glow before going on a date with a woman he fancied. However, after applying the lotion, he ended up accidentally falling asleep. A few hours later when the 48-year-old man woke up, he realised that things had gone horribly wrong for him, with his skin having a bizarre shade of “orange”.

Darren’s ordeal also became viral on TikTok, with one of the clips having been watched over 9,00,000 times on the platform. In the video, Darren can be seen sitting and applying a tan lotion on the face. In another video, his friend reveals that Darren fell asleep after applying the lotion.

The third video is the most hilarious one, with Darren waking up, and laughing at his own mistake. “I couldn’t believe the colour I went, I tried to wash it off but I had no joy at all,” he was quoted saying.

The Facts of the Matter

A man getting ready for a date is a little like a painter preparing for a artistic masterpiece. He’s got his tools at the ready – cologne, comb, razor, clothes – and has an idea of what he envisions. However, the same could not be said about a UK-based man Darren, who ended up getting blocked by his date, after he looked like a shade of deep orange. The cause? Applying a fake tan lotion to impress his date, and forgetting to remove it in time.

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Man Prepares for Date

Darren, a 48-year-old resident from Middlesbrough, was scheduled to go out on a date. To look unique and impress his date, he tried to give his skin a form of tan before going to the date. However, after applying the tan lotion, he fell asleep, and forgot to remove the lotion before it was all to late.

Darren and his friend Graham are active on TikTok, and after sharing Darren’s actions, have been sending netizens in stiches. In one of the videos viewed over 900k times, Darren can be seen sitting in his balcony, and applying a tan lotion on his face.

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Neighbours List Out Merits of Tanning

The 48-year-old in another video can be seen speaking to his neighbours about the merits of tanning, and decided to apply a tanning lotion. In the video, his friend Graham reveals that Darren fell asleep after applying the lotion.

In a next video, Darren can be seen waking up, and realising that he has forgotten the one thing he was supposed to. Meanwhile, his friend can be heard laughing in the background and enjoying the consequences.

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Date Blocks Darren After Tanning Goes Wrong

Unfortunately, this was the beginning of Darren’s troubles. Darren, who had applied the tan to impress his date, was livid after finding out that she blocked him on his socials after she found out what happened to him.

Darren was quoted in a Daily Mail report recalling the incident, and saying, “I couldn’t believe the colour I went, I tried to wash it off but I had no joy at all. I asked the women next door how could I wash it off and they said it would come off after in the shower but it didn’t.”


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