A man harassing a dog got mauled & pushed by a cow. The video of ‘Instant Karma’ has gone viral where the cow intervened the man harassing the mute animal. The video shows that at any point in time, an animal can become the savior for another animal. Watch the full video to see how an animal fights for the justice of another animal.

What Did the Video Show

In the video, you can see a man wearing a checked shirt and track pants harassing a pet dog. In the video, it is so hard to see the creature howling and whining in pain as the man repeatedly pulls the dog by its neck. The most surprising part about this incident is that the person filming the video seems to be more concerned about the video shoot rather than acting against such an abusive act.

However, God has its ways to send defenders. Where humans fail to stand against such torture and unkind acts towards animals, God’s other creations take a step forward.

Seeing the act of the man with the dog, a cow interrupted by pushing the dog away from the man. In the final minutes of the video, you can see the cow pushing the attacking the man, trying to take the man down. The man rolled down and seemed helpless which netizens on the internet referred to as an example of ‘Instant Karma’.

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Other Details of the Video

This viral video of animal abuse has been uploaded by Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service officer. He shared the video on Twitter with the simple caption “Karma”. The video has been highly viewed and shared by social media users. With more than 1.29 lakh views and almost 3000 retweets, the video has gone viral on the internet.

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Netizens React to Cow Saving Dog From Being Tortured

Netizens are trolling the man in the video along with the person filming it for not helping the dog. A netizen commented, “Humans were busy recording, one animal understood the other and helped.” While the other appraised the kindness shown by the animal and not by humans by commenting, “Despite the pain, she is not hurting him. Kindness that animal shows, we humans lack. How do we bring about the change.”