An odd matrimonial ad , that a man seeks a bride with a certain waist, feet, and bra size has gone viral on the internet. The advertisement, which was placed on the Betterhalf matrimony app, quickly went popular on social media. Netizens were furious and turned to the comments section to express their views.

A few pieces of his personal information are apparent in the screen capture posted on Reddit.


In some instances, matrimonial advertisements can exceed the limits of sanity, leaving you wondering whether these are genuine requests for a life partner or a 15-year-old having fun online. Something similar can be found in a viral matrimonial ad. This matrimonial ad on ‘,’ which was put into the world of social media via Reddit, might become your big dose of fun and anger.

In the first 3 sentences of the ad, the individual who brought out this ad went from looking for ideologies like ‘conservative,’ ‘liberal,’ ‘pro-life,’ to bra and feet size,’ and there are roughly 13 in total. He also stated, in addition to mentioning the weight and height ranges, “Be it fun yet grounded. Maintain a manicured/pedicured appearance and keep yourself neat.

Also Read: The Love Prevails: Madhya Pradesh Man Builds a Taj Mahal like Home for his Wife Initiated Action against the User stated the individual had been suspended for breaking the platform’s terms & conditions when the ad became viral on Twitter. In a Tweet, the matrimonial website stated, “Essential measure has been initiated against the user for defying our User Terms and Conditions.”

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The Matrimonial Ad Draws a Huge Criticism over Internet

The post went viral on social media and drew a lot of backlash from internet users due to the ad’s content.

Just take a look:

Betterhalf Matrimony Ad

Betterhalf Matrimony Ad

“I’m lying here puzzled if I want idly or dosa and there are individuals like these,” a Twitter user sarcastically remarked. Another Twitter user commented on the post and sought an answer from the matrimonial website. In response, the website stated that it is initiating legal action against the user. Response