In a bizarre news, a man showed up in a hospital with artillery shell stuck in his rectum. Later, a bomb squad was called to the hospital in case of any mishap. We have all heard of hospital emergency room stories where people walk with all kinds of objects in their most “private places”. While some of these objects are easily removed by the doctors, others, not so much. According to a The Sun report, the UK man “slipped and fell” on an artillery shell. Later, it was reported that the ammunition was from World War 2 and the shell was a 57mm shell that was fired from anti-tank guns. Thankfully, all the protocols were followed and the situation was resolved without any mishap.


The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System is a database that collects consumer product-related injuries in USA. In the database, some brutally painful incidents of objects stuck in patients’ rectums are filed as well.

While one would assume that sex-toys would be the most common objects, there are some weird, strange, and cringe worthy objects that have made it to a person’s rectums. This includes, salt shaker, hammer, wine cork, wine glass, and several other daily objects. Daily objects that have no business to be going anywhere close to a human opening.

Recently, a patient gave a hospital massive scare after he reported a bomb shell stuck in his rectum.

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The Facts of the Matter

A bomb squad rushing to a hospital emergency room, now that’s an image that may sound like its straight from a film. But real-life imitated reel life when an unidentified person showed up to the accident & emergency department with an artillery shell stuck up in his rectum. Yes, his rectum. We will wait while you shake off the pain.

Man Claimed to Have ‘Slipped and Fell’ on Shell

Soon, the hospital management at UK’s Gloucestershire Royal Hospital called for the ‘army explosive experts’ as there was a constant fear of the artillery exploding if mishandled. Meanwhile, when the man was asked as to how he found himself in that precarious position, he claimed to have “slipped and fell” on the shell.

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Shell Was the Size of Modern Smartphone (6.7 inches)

The shell was reported to be of 17 cm by 6 cm in size. To give context, that’s 6.7 inches in length, the size of a flagship smartphone from Samsung or Apple these days. Later, it was revealed that the man was clearing out his staff and the shell was part of his collection of military souvenirs.

Meanwhile, personnel from the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Regiment (UK’s bomb squad) rushed to the hospital. However, the shell was already removed.

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“Protocols Followed”, UK Ministry of Defence Issues Statement

Later, a hospital spokesperson was quoted saying, “As with any incident involving munitions, the relevant safety protocols were followed to ensure there was no risk to patients, staff or visitors at any time.”

Even the UK’s own Ministry of Defence issued a statement which read, “We can confirm an Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal team was called out to Gloucestershire at the request of local police.”

The patient, who was in obvious considerable pain, was later released from the UK hospital. According to reports, the man is supposed to make quick and full recovery.