A drug operation involving cannabis-infused chocolates was recently dismantled by the Mangaluru Police, resulting in the arrests of two individuals – Manohar Shet and Bachin Sonkar. The two men are accused of distributing these drug-infused sweets to minors.

The authorities confiscated a kilogram of these illicit chocolates after parents grew suspicious when their children began acting unusually and persistently requested the same type of candy. The chocolates appeared standard on the outside, but were unfortunately tainted with marijuana.

This isn’t the first known occurrence of such an incident. Earlier, on August 4, the Raichur Police had apprehended a batch of 700 similar chocolates in town.

Local authorities have issued a public warning for parents to remain alert, and urged them to notify the police about any suspicious activities. Dispensing drugs to minors is a severe criminal offence, and the law enforcement agencies are committed to prosecuting the culprits to the fullest extent of the law.

While the investigation continues, further arrests over the coming days are anticipated. The police are appealing for any helpful information from the public to aid their clamp-down on drug dealing within the city.

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