Reports surfaced that a block of ice descended from the heavens and made contact with a Massachusetts house on Sunday evening in the U.S. The home, owned by Jeff Ilg and Amelia Rainville, was the unfortunate recipient of this ice fall. Thankfully, no harm befell either the couple or their offspring during this event. It’s thought that the weight of the ice block, roughly six to eight kilograms, suggests it likely detached from an aircraft bound for Boston.

The strange incident took place on a cloudless day, making the source of the ice a puzzle. However, the couple whose house is along a flight route, proposed a theory.

They initially thought the ice must have dropped from a plane,” said Ilg. “We can confidently say this isn’t a neighbor’s prank.”

Fire Chief Troy Crooley from Shirley, along with police officers, visited the couple’s house but were also clueless about the ice’s origin. Crooley added that the Shirley Police reached out to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) who are looking into the matter now.

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